Imaginary Landscape

Imaginary Landscape, a project by Hans-Dieter Schmidt
Imaginary Landscape
Imaginary Landscape - Nothing left Behind

Artist: Imaginary Landscape
P: 2019

„In his album „Nothing left behind“ Hans-Dieter Schmidt continues the idea of „Cinematic Ambient“, which he already arranged in his cooperation with Michael Brückner as the duo „Bridge to Imla“ in the CD „Radiant Sea“. Deep drones embedded in neoclassic arrangements of strings  interweaved with field recordings result in a soundscape of a fictive movie  At „Nothing left behind“ this is the dark apocalytptic vision of the human end. After the planet Earth has been wiped out, nothing remains from human existence.

“… In one of the countless billions galaxies of the universe lies a medium-sized star…”
Only a small, black flake. If you have eyes to see.  Or a heart that feels.
“And one of its satellites, a green, insignificant planet …”
Empty, white, garish
“…is now dead.”
Silence. There is nothing left. Nothing has remained. As it was in the beginning. At the beginning of all times. Desert ...
From Michael Avallone, „Beneath the planet of the apes”

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Imaginary Landscape - Undiscovered Landscapes

Artist: Imaginary Landscape
P: 2021

Imaginary Landscape, HaDi Hans-Dieter Schmidt's solo project, is a galactic journey to distant planets whose known existence of currently around 5,000 objects we know in view of the enormous advances in astronomy. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that we will even reach the closest, Earth-like exoplanet Proxima Centauri b in the foreseeable future. But the album "Undiscovered Landscapes" enables us to have a poetic experience, a mental journey to these exotic places, so that we can get a mental picture of these heavenly bodies. Hardly anything seems more suitable than electronic sounds, played on synthesizers, ambient sound generators and the EWI, an electronic wind instrument: the best mental cinema with orchestral passages, silvery sequences and unusual soundscapes.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.321 02/2022
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 321
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