Shreeve, Mark

Mark Shreeve is an electronic music composer. After initially releasing his early work on cassette through the Mirage label he went on to sign for the newly formed Jive Electro in the early eighties and released the albums Assassin, Legion and Crash Head. His last solo album to date, Nocturne, was released in 1995 though a live CD, Collide, was released in 1996 featuring Mark's live performance at EMMA in 1994. Mark has also composed the score for several feature films, recorded a number of library music CDs and achieved success as a songwriter most notably for Samantha Fox during the eighties. In 1996 Mark formed the group Redshift with his brother Julian Shreeve, James Goddard and Rob Jenkins. The group have recorded nine albums to date and played live in the UK and Europe including a concert at Jodrell Bank Observatory.
He also plays as on half of the group ARC together with Ian Boddy.

Shreeve, Mark
ARC - Fleet

Artist: ARC
P: 2017
DIN 53
LTD 1000 Copies.

“Fleet” (DiN53) is the seventh concert album by the duo ARC (DiN label boss Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve). This fact alone should tell you how popular this musical partnership is in a live setting where they continue to dazzle audiences with their mix of live electronics underpinned by huge slabs of analogue sequencing. “Fleet” was recorded to multitrack at the E-Scape Electronic Music Festival in Halesworth, Suffolk on 13th May 2017. On returning to the studio this allowed Mark Shreeve to mix and master the resulting performance in fine detail to produce a stunning, dynamic album that preserves all the power and richness of their live show. The seven tracks, complete with enthusiastic audience ambience, spans almost 78 minutes for the next best thing to actually being there! What is most evident on this ARC album are the richly harmonic themes, most notably in the opening title track which builds and grows through a series of gorgeous melodies to it’s climax. Tracks such as “Soar” are more delicate in nature with distant mellotrons overlaid with intertwining sequencer patterns whereas “Crux” opens with a spooky ambient section before ramping up to a live sequencer fest that lovers of Berlin School electronica will lap up. ARC always like to leave the  stage with a bang and for the last couple of years they’ve finished with the track “Cherry Bomb”. Well the duo have outdone even that blockbuster with the encore track “Howl”. Starting with a whisper it finishes the album off with a real sledgehammer of a track that will surely become a favourite for ARC aficionados.

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Mark Shreeve - Nocturne

Artist: Mark Shreeve
P: 1995

Powerfull tracks that sound like soundtracks for action movies.

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V/A - Surreality

Artist: Ian Boddy, Shipway, John Dyson,
Mark Shreeve, Ward u.a.

P: 1991
Nice collection with new and already released tracks from the Surreal to Real label around 1990.
Track 10 recorded live at UK Electronica festival in 1990.
Track 12 recorded live during rehersals for the 1991 Klemdag festival, Netherlands.

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Various Artists - Echoes Living Room Concerts Volume 16

Artist: ARC, Kevin Keller
P: 2010
With a brilliant new track of ARC (Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve).
Dream Logic is our 16th Echoes Living Room Concert CD. Like a dream, you move through spaces, walk through doors and open windows into new worlds, in this case, new worlds of sound. It s just like the soundscape of Echoes, which takes you from acoustic chamber music to ambient spaces to African hymns and mantra chants.

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