Born in 1978 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. By education Andrey Sadovnikov is "IT-engineer", but the main hobby from early years is music. Musical career began since 1997 when Faryus working as DJ, since 1998 - own radio show "Phantasmagoria". From 2003 began own experiments in the soundscapes of meditative drone music. Deep interest during many years to music and friendship with many musicians have led to found own label "Faria Records" at the 2004.
Faryus + Vadim Bondarenko - Quiet Songs from misty Places

Artist: Faryus + Vadim Bondarenko
P: 2011
Frail and delicate ambient atmospheres, clusters of rarefied piano notes lying on discreet drones, soft and evanescent clarinet riffs, suggesting and catching natural sounds... Light and ethereal pastel-coloured musical plots... Eight tracks, one hour of suspended and quiet sonic passages, flowing like discreet background, or to listen/see in a passionate mood, dreaming in silence, lying in gloom...

Wonderful ambient stuff from these two Russian artists in the same vein of some of Harold Budd's works... Well known for their previous works on Russian FARIA Records, Faryus in the past has also crafted an album in collaboration with Robert Rich.

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Faryus - Silence Spells

Artist: Faryus
P: 2010
A varied album with four highly atmospheric pieces recorded over time in different places by Andrey Sadovnikov ( Saint Petersburg, Russia 1978 ) founder of the Faria Records label.

Dark synth washes, subtle noises, nature sounds and distant voices create a trance-like soundscape which asks for a careful listening to uncover its secrets.

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Robert Rich + Faryus - Zerkalo

Artist: Robert Rich & Faryus
P: 2008   
Deep drone ambient textures and dense atmospheres, presented in six uninterrupted partsby Robert Rich and Faria label owner Andrey Sadovnikov. Mixed and mastered by Robert Rich.
Tangential glimpses remotely echoed, untethered from touch. No time nor place, no past nor future, internal, external. Sculpting from energy, clouded motion vaguely slipping. Evanescent vibration, without meaning apart from its own open secret.

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