Hoffmann-Hoock, Klaus

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Hoffmann-Hoock, Klaus
Boddy, Hoffmann-Hook + Wright - Trinity

Artist: Ian Boddy, Klaus Hoffmann-Hook & David Wright  
P: 2010    

The 'Trinity' of Ian Boddy, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and David Wright present melodic instrumental, electronic music in the classic space music style, with infectious rhythms, glorious themes and loads of atmosphere, The music and indeed the entire performance, is all imbued by a strong sense of the three individual musicians.
However, the music is expertly disciplined to present a strong sense of the collective 'Trinity' and will not only appeal to fans of the three individual musicians, but should find favour with all fans of instrumental music with substance and style. Featuring stunning new takes on classic tracks from the extensive back catalogue of all three musicians, plus the awesome collaborative title track, this is electronic music to savor and enjoy! Recorded at the Festival of September 2009 at the Derby Guildhall, the music has been eq’d and digitally mastered with only minor edits to the actual performanc

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David Wright - Sines Of Life (Volume 1)

Artist: David Wright, Ian Boddy, Robert Fox & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
P: 2009
"Sines of Life (Vol. 1) is David's 20th solo CD release in a career that spans more than 20 years and the album has been something of a labour of love, as explained in the informative 16 page booklet.
It contains new studio material alongside imaginative live re-workings of classic David Wright  compositions from concerts during 2007 and 2009 featuring guest musicians, and it's no understatement to say that it's a majestic tour de force of instrumental new age electronica.
The perennial favorite "Walking with Ghosts" is replayed as a brand new arrangement that is simply sublime and features another UK synth luminary Ian Boddy on keyboards and German guitar legend Klaus Hoffmann Hook, who also plays the Memotron.
Another beautiful reworking is "Beyond Paradise", this time featuring Hoffmann-Hoock on electric sitar, while "Just an Illusion" and "State of Bliss" are again completely new imaginings of the original album tracks that here feature stunning cosmic guitar work from Hoffmann-Hoock.
The remaining songs include the atmospheric piano based title piece, a previously unreleased live track featuring Robert Fox & Nigel Turner-Heffer titled "3 a.m." and a new interpretation of David's popular epic "Cassini" recorded at his 2007 USA concert.
The production is superb and with a running time of over 78 minutes this fitting anniversary album provides both quality and quantity. If you're already familiar with the work of David Wright, then this album really is a "must have" because the reworked live tracks are significantly different from the originals to differentiate this set from a traditional "Greatest Hits" compilation. If you're not and you're into good quality, melodic and emotive electronic music, then "Sines of Life" has more than enough quality to warrant your investigation and ensure your interest.
An album that's destined to run and run and a terrific addition to an already impressive catalogue.

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David Wright - Sines Of Life (Volume 2)

Artist: David Wright, Ian Boddy, Robert Fox & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
P: 2009
A sensational 135 minute double album featuring previously unreleased live and studio material from the period 1998 - 2008. The album is diverse and covers a multitude of moods but all imbued with the trademark David Wright style. These two CDs contain all the music, which did not fit onto part 1.

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David Wright - Stranger Days
Artist: Robert Fox, Klaus Hoffmann-Hook & David Wright
P: 2018

While it was originally intended to be straightforward compilation (and is listed as a Best of Vol 3 in some places), it evolved into a journey; a journey through sound and styles reflecting the luminaries of the electronic music genre whose music influenced David and shaped his music since his first album in 1989.
So as a result, it includes a lot of new and previously unreleased music alongside re-recordings of a handful of tracks, so ‘Stranger Days’ is a retrospective in terms of influences and styles.
It has been a labour of love, taking 18 months to complete. It incorporates music from live performances, studio sessions (in some instances overlooked and forgotten!) and reworked tracks and remixes.does contains a lot of new and previously unreleased music. The epic 60 minute title track, for example, is a studio re-imagining of new electronic music originally recorded live at E-Scape 2015 and previously unreleased studio recordings. There are other new tracks recorded between 2012 and 2018, some featuring the beautiful voice of Carys, alongside re-workings of older (some might say obscure?) tracks like ‘Colours of the Night’,  ‘Glass Mountains’ (also featuring Carys) and more. It also features previously unreleased music with Robert Fox and Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock.
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Hoffmann-Hoock & Wöstheinrich - Conundrum

Artist: Hoffmann-Hoock & Wöstheinrich
P: 200
DIN 27
LTD 1000
Space guitar, rhythms, atmospheres. The collaboration of two extraordinary musicians.
Interesting and a kind of new.

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Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & Friends - Psychedelic Breakfast

Artist: Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & Friends
P: 2003  

Another good album for Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and his MIND OVER MATTER-musicians, a group which resists time while keeping its identity.

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Peter Mergener + Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock - Visions of Asia

Artist: Peter Mergener & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
P: 2007
With more than 30 acclaimed albums to his credit Peter Mergener has become one of the most respected and prolific musicians in contemporary electronic and cosmopolitan music scene. Still he always kept being open to and well aware of the qualities in other musicians. So over the years Mergener and Hoffmann-Hoock have frequently collaborated – on “Visions Of Asia” you now can hear the most beautiful results of their musical friendship! The compositions are slick and charming, evoking distant lands thick with exotic flavor. Many of the tracks possess a calming quality despite their complex structure, applying their dreamy melodies to inspire a sense of epic scope.

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Ron Boots + Others - By Popular Demand

Artist: Ron Boots & Others
P: 1993

"By Popular Demand" is a CD of live performances by Ron Boots, Eric van der Heijden and friends.
The friends are Gerald Vos, Harold van der Heijden, Ad van Gerwen, Bas Broekhuis, Ingrid Lohuis and Klaus Hoffman Hoock.
Some of the selections feature Ron's penchant for live synth trios, others feature synth duets and percussion. The highlight is the cosmic and ethereal "Through Mental Doors." That piece features narration by Louise, Harold's masterful drumming, a synth trio of Ron, Eric and Ad and Ad and Ron on didjeridu!  It is one of the wildest outer space rides imaginable! The massive soundscape is carried by some wild sci-fi manipulations and some overblown sequences. Ron's didg drone sets it up and a synth drone takes it home. The whole album sparkles with energy and giddy zeal. This is a classic example of live electronica and its intention - fun and entertainment!

Here the last copy of the original CUE-Records Version!

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Ron Boots - Ghost of a Mist

Artist: Ron Boots
P: 1991

Mystical, atmospheric soundscapes.
On his 2nd CD Ron worked together with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, founder of the German band Mind over Matter. The overall atmosphere is dreamy but the dynamic album closing Desert Clouds really puts you back on your feet!

Besides offering a more primal glimpse into Boots' music, this release delivers a softer side of Boots' electronic styling. The compositions are moodier here, more rooted in the ambience of Steve Roach or Michael Stearns than the powerful epics of Boots' more recent works. And yet, Boots introduces his own elegance to these atmospheric soundscapes, injecting subtle power to this peaceful sonic domain.
The first version once was released at the Cue-Records label.


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