Taavi Laatsit is the musician from Estonia.
Galaktlan - Sinine Platoo
Artist: Galaktlan
P: 2015
LTD 300

Sinine Platoo began as a study of fractal music. The tracks Sulase surm, Videoton, Tekitaja, Num and Sulase surm repriis contain melodic sequences generated via mathematical algorithms. The conclusion was that it's possible for a machine to generate beautiful, emotional music–when ordered to do so. The truth is, music is math and emotions are in the eyes of the beholder. Sinine Platoo is an album of beautiful otherworldly electronica, chock full of warm, soaring melodies. Originally released in 2002 during the renaissance the IDM/Ambient genre experienced alongside other artists like Arovane, Metamatics, Phonem and Xela, Carpe Sonum is proud to spotlight this artist's humble debut with a CD release featuring two recently released bonus tracks.
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