Worm is Green

The Band from Iceland was originally founded as bedroom elektronika project by Arni Teitur Asgeirsson. Meanwhile, it has become a band of five, also featuring Bjarni Thor Hannesson (sampler and synthesizer), Thorsteinn Hannesson (drums), Vilberg Hafsteinn Jonsson (bass) und Gudridur Ringsted (vocals).
Worm is Green
Worm is Green - Push Play

Artist: Worm is Green
P: 2007
Mikrolux MKX16CD
'Push Play' is a perfect blend of British New Wave, the 4AD-Sound of the Cocteau Twins and essential Portishead-like TripHop. The result: dazzling and elegant pop jewels which, nevertheless, do not deny their intensive contemporary ambient influences. As a kind of 'dessert' following the regular album, Worm Is Green now present a comprehensive remix anthology. All remixes (except one by the Estonian producer Kaido Kirikmae) have been made by Icelandic musicians. 'We have asked all our favorite producers for remixes, and most of them agreed right away. This was just great and a considerable honour since we have not worked together with the entire elite of the Icelandic electronic music scene', says Arni. Thus, Birgir Sigurdsson aka Bix first makes an uplifting synthesis of DFA Punkfunk and wavy electro quotes by his version of 'Electron John'. The 'Army Of Them' version by Hermingervill leads over from cineastic Easy Listening into powerful Trancerock. The following remixes just cannot be categorized clearly as well. DJ and producer Jon Frímannsson aka Jonfri turns 'This Time' into a modern house consensus around the fragmented vocals between reduction, sperical emotion and driving funk. Arnvidur Snorrason aka Exos, well-known from his Force Inc. and Thule releases, pushed forward the tender dub spheres of 'Synthia' by powerfully rolling offbeat breaks. By his defibrated and cool electro beats, Mikrolux label colleague Jonas Thor Gudmundsson aka Ruxpin returns the mind to the best days of the Artificial Intelligence series on Warp. Finally, Kuurort label mastermind Kaido Kirikmae puts a perfect last point under the absolutely congenial continuation of the striking 'Push Play' album by his brittle slow motion minimal house version of 'Sunday Session 4.02' (taken from 'Automagic').

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