Vanderberg, Justin

The US ambient-musician who works together with Steve Roach.
Vanderberg, Justin
Justin Vanderberg - Synthetic Memories

Artist: Justin Vanderberg
P: 2011
Synthetic Memories, Justin Vanderberg's debut release on the Spotted Peccary label, delivers eight deeply moving and contemplative tracks of pure wonder, where pulsing electronics, billowing synth textures and rich ambient spaces are perfectly blended into a heartfelt and profoundly introspective musical experience.
Vanderberg's ability to infuse purely electronic compositions with such a personal and thought provoking warmth underscores the notion behind Synthetic Memories – the idea of questioning the reality of memories. As Vanderberg puts it, "Ask yourself to define your reality, and you will most likely rely upon your memories to construct the story of you. However, what you think is true, may not be. And what you think cannot be true, very well could be." That feeling of searching and inner reflection is perfectly communicated in Vanderberg's music; a credit to his skill as an artist.
Synthetic Memories has much to offer fans of electronic ambient, from the title track which pays homage to the Masters of the sequencer, to the deeper ambient spaces of tracks like "67" "Dusk" and "Cold Brightness,” to the perfectly placed piano of "The Path" and "Drops," to the driving and powerful opening track, a collaboration with Jon Jenkins entitled "From Below." With Synthetic Memories, Justin Vanderberg has crafted a meaningful and personal album that will not soon be forgotten

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V/A - Sounds of a Universe overheard

Artist: V/A
P: 2007
Sounds of a Universe Overheard is a collection of ten tracks exclusive to this CD, created by a cross-section of ambient, experimental and soundscape artists from around the world. Included in this diverse group are more established recording artists who will be known to most listeners to these genres, as well as new, emerging names. We feel a compilation is most interesting when it varies from the familiar to the new. This disc covers all sorts of territory in terms of sound, from more musical and soundtrack-like sounds, to darker ambient, to pure sonic experimentation.

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