Dreamerproject is the creative brainchild of Norwegian artist Kjetil Ingebrigtsen.

Kjetil has been making music for a long time. His first demo was a piano ballad called "Dream On" which was recorded in "At The Barn" studios in Fredrikstad. In 2005 he started working on his first electronic music, and two years later released the demo album "Voyage". During this time he recorded 7 songs, 2 of them recorded at the Xenomorph studios in Edmonton.The rest of the songs were recorded in his hometown of Fredrikstad. There were several producers on the album "Voyage", Sebastian Komor(working with aplhaville), Richard Bjørklund(Spektralized) and Einar K (Singned on Armada Music) who is one of Norway's largest trance acts together with DJ Lemon. The album was mastered by Richard Bjørklund.

Voyage has been a popular demo, and one of the songs Voyage part 6 (produced by Richard Bjørklund) appears as "Voyager (Nattefrost Remix)" On the Nattefrost album "Tracks From The Archives vol.2″.
Dreamerproject - Beyond Dreams

Artists: Dreamerproject
P: 2019

Beyond Dreams is a collection of music from the catalogue of DreamerProject. It is a “story so far” containing remastered tracks and remixes from various EPs and CD releases, plus three exclusive new tracks. Beyond Dreams is much more than just a compilation though, it is a tour de force highlighting DreamerProject’s unique style, which for reference is a mix of Vangelis and Chris Franke.  DreamerProject has a gift for melody and atmosphere, a mixture of ‘moody’ and ‘innocent’ that tug at the emotions though hauntingly beautiful themes and delicate rhythms and sequences. The music is dreamy with great depth and should find favour with fans of traditional electronic, new age and chill-out music alike. Guest artists on the album include David Wright, Glenn Main and Real World. This beautiful album is both an ideal introduction to the breathtaking musical worlds of DreamerProject and a ‘must have’ for existing fans.

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Dreamerproject - Fading Light

Artists: Dreamerproject
P: 2022

DreamerProject produces the most delightful and heartwarming ambient, chill out music, full of strong and original melodies, full of emotion and understated rhythms. ‘Fading Lights’ is probably his most accomplished work to date, building on his collaborations with other artists. Listening to ‘Fading Light’ is like being engulfed in a blanket of deep emotion, where deep tones and gentle melodies wash over the listener with a gentle caress. There is a sense of melancholy here and there…a sense of pathos perhaps, of life and love lost…perhaps wishing for a better world? All these emotions shine through from the artist’s soul, resulting in a wonderfully warm album, both tonally and emotionally. The production is faultless and with strong input from ‘Richard Bjørklund -Spektralized’ and David Wright, ‘Fading Lights’ is likely to expand DreamerProject’s fan base even further. Highly recommended

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Dreamerproject - The Road to your Heart

Artists: Dreamerproject
P: 2012
Dreamerproject's debut on AD Music is a heartfelt instrumental musical statement that will take your breath away with its sheer beauty. It is wholly original and captivating. It's also easy to understand why David Wright rates it so highly and agreed to be arranger and producer (as well as featuring on several tracks). His touch is evident, particularly on the gentle rhythms and sequences as well as on the string arrangements, while the production is superb.

The album drifts effortlessly through the 9 tracks that vary from Vangelis to DW to TD inspired, yet while retaining an originality and a simplicity that has to be applauded. 'Dreamerproject' writes the most thoughtful, emotional music. It is uncluttered and original and what shines through is an extraordinary beauty. Indeed, the beauty of this album is its unique simplicity. Highly recommended.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.213 02/13
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 213

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V/A - E-Scape 2015

Artist: V/A
P: 2015
'E-Scape 2015′ is a collection of exclusive tracks from artists who will be appearing at the 2015 UK E-Scape Festival on 30th May. Despite the varied line up and styles on offer, this CD hangs together very well and is a very emotive album. From the classic opening UK synth sound of John Dyson and Michael Shipway’s ‘Ride the Beach’, through the romanticism of Dreamerproject’s ‘Hymne’, and the Berlin school adventures of Ron Boots’s ‘Berlin Thunder’, the album never dips below ‘excellent’ and there are no throwaway tracks here. Eric van der Heijden’s ‘Strange Escapism’ is a surreal sound voyage, FD Project’s ‘Beautiful Day’ is a full on, guitar driven live recording. David Wright’s ‘Walking With Ghosts’ Ambient Remix by DJMass is an interesting take on an old favourite and ‘Song for a Friend’ is a delicate rhythmic, ballad dedicated to the late Steve Roberts. Glenn Main’s beautiful ‘Escape the TNBC’ also has a strong personal overtone. Nice to hear music from Paul Ward again too, the interesting and playful ‘The Last Toy Emily Broke’ while Ron Boots concludes the album with the drifting and spaced out ‘Slow Flow’.

The album is dedicated to the memory of Edgar Froese and Steve Roberts.

This 2015 release features 77 minutes of dreamy electronic music.

This release offers previously unreleased tracks by musicians participating in AD Music’s E-Scape Electronic Music Festival in 2015. The contributions include:

John Dyson & Michael Shipway. Twinkling tones conspire with cerebral chords to produce an elegant tune laced with rhythms.

David Wright. Solemn beats and melancholy keyboards craft a stately piece dedicated to lost friends.

Eric van der Heijden. Reedy keys combine with breathy flutes and gentle percussives to generate a moody track in search of a way out.

Dreamerproject. Delicate harpsichord, rhythms and orchestral strings create a reverent song of tender sentiments.

Ron Boots. Majestic-but-understated electronics generate a mood of anticipation with cyclic chords seasoned by synthetic strings. The music gradually swells in muster, featuring a blooping undercurrent as the song’s puissance mounts to a loving crescendo.

Paul Ward. Strong rhythms support slippery keys that describe an edgy tune.

FD Project. Vibrant electric guitar is the key instrument here, accompanied by percussion and a ringing presence of pulsating tonalities to establish an ecstatic live piece.

David Wright. Regal tones delineate a pleasant tune laced with choral hints and whispery keys lurking beneath the more strident keyboard lead-riff.

Glenn Main. Piano joins electronic keys in a pastiche of fragile beauty that uplifts as it mesmerizes. The introduction of searing guitar midway elevates the piece’s inherent passion.

Ron Boots. Here, we have an epic (and winning) contribution-at 21 minutes in length. Rattly percussives tease vaporous electronics to coalesce into a soothing ambience that mounts some stately oomph with piano and additional keys, transforming the song into a lavishly emotional composition.

A worthwhile selection of international musicians, all displaying their skills at producing delicate electronic tuneage.

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