De Man, Roderick

Roderick De Man is an indonesian Electronicmusician who plas his compositions all around the world.
De Man, Roderick
Roderik De Man - Electrified Music

Artist: Roderik De Man
P: 2004
Roderik de Man's music is related to "musique concrete", the sounds in the tape parts are mostly derived from the same acoustic instruments which are combined with the tape. In this fashion sampled recorder sounds and a beat on a small drum were used in "Sin Descanso", and in the beautiful "Czar Peter's Creation" the sounds on tape were created by extensive manipulations of voice samples taken from the tenor Marcel Beekman. The equally humorous as short "Wait a Minute" uses a German speaking stopwatch as basis. With his material Roderik de Man creates intriguing soundscapes which create dialogues and conflicts in a classical way. This generates exceptionally exciting works, especially where the harpsichord plays a role as in "Chordis Canam" and "Momentum".

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