TiRa The Art of Dance

The german musician Ralf Gülpen.
TiRa The Art of Dance
TiRa the Art of Dance – Endless Ambient Part 1

Artist: TiRa the Art of Dance
P: 2023
TiRa the Art of Dance has been known to many users of the relevant media pages for years. The first CD by the talented, aspiring musician Ralf Gülpen is an important and logical milestone in his musical career. In the so-called ambient music style, he creates immersive sound landscapes that take the soul into new spheres through atmospheric density and give the listener pleasant moments of relaxation. Through his artistically implemented visions, Ralf Gülpen succeeds in taking his audience on fascinating sound journeys. With the use of subtle textures, gentle melodies and hypnotic rhythms, a wonderful listening experience was created that appeals to the senses and takes the listener on a journey into the inner cosmos. The careful selection of the track sequences combined with harmonious transitions between the pieces guarantee an interesting, harmonious overall experience. The cover artwork rounds off this endeavor with visionary imagery. Ambient music is a multi-layered and interesting platform for constantly expanding, experimental and individual forms of expression.
This CD was created by the musician in one continuous track because it tells a story in the form of a musical journey, making it easier for the listener to relax and let it flow as a whole.
We wish those listening to “Endless Ambient, Part 1” an interesting listening experience!

14,90 EUR
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