Ab Intra

Coming from Warszawa Poland and highly inspired by nature,space,philosophy,literature,art,chaos,mysticism,magick,gnosis...
Radoslaw Kaminski is the shape behind this project.
Ab Intra
Ab Intra - Aura Imaginalis

Artists: Ab Intra
P: 2009
Well crafted and well arranged atmospheres somewhat reminiscent of the early Raison d'Etre, creating deep atmospheres with some cosmic elements mixed with some orchestral passages. Ab Intra is the Latin phrase for "on the inside". The term is quite appropriately connected with the project's music. The man behind it, Radoslaw Kaminski, claims that he seeks connection with his inner side by exploring the musical territories. Ab Intra is an illustration of the pictures that are created in the mind of the author. However, the form used enables the listeners to interpret the sounds in their own way.

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