Iyunx Productions

Iyunx Productions is a modern Ambientmusic group from the UK.
Iyunx Productions
Iyunx Productions - Syrup, Bones and Toast

Artists: Iyunx Productions
P: 2003
LTD 500
Manchester’s Iyunx Productions, aka Yunx, take a break from their own Yunx Recordings imprint to deliver this fine slice of home listening for the dependable U-Cover label. “Syrup, Bones and Toast” is a soothing blend of detroit strings and evolved’ electronic beats. The opening “Casee” revolves around a headnod tempo and some haunting, almost operatic samples that weave in and out of the mix in a typically Yunx-like, soundtrackish manner. “Glue Sniffer” is more uptempo and broken, slight ambient interjections aiming the music at the heart rather than the feet. Lovely stuff.

11,90 EUR
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