Blanchet, Daniel

A classically trained guitarist, Montreal-based Blanchet is part of a growing electronic music contingent in Canada. He began experimenting with synthesizers in 1985, intrigued by their endless possibilities of sound color and spatial enhancement. Blanchet's early fascination with Bach's oratorios is reflected in his use of electronic reverb to create cathedral-like dimensions for his thoughtful compositions.
Blanchet, Daniel
Daniel Blanchet - L' Harmonie des Mondes

Artist: Daniel Blanchet
P: 1991

An homage to the famous Harmony of the Spheres treatise by the 16th-century astronomer Johannes Kepler, this collection explores a variety of musical moods and settings with the same poetic theme of order and beauty that Kepler believed ruled the universe.
Beautiful soundscapes like Nik Tyndall uses to play, with an additional touch of the US Private music label artists style.
Mixed by Steve Roach.

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