Grilli, Gianfranco

Ambient, electronic & new age musician and composer.
Born in 1956 in Mondavio, Italy.
Grilli, Gianfranco
Gianfranco Grilli - Il Tiempo di Karnak

Artist: Gianfranco Grilli
P: 1998
LTD 500

Archeological sites exert a special charm on me. Visiting places like Pompei and Cerveteri I always felt that something there still lives on, and there’re signals to catch in the air. People that lived in those places left sensations, moods, affections, prayers never faded in spite of time. I never visited Karnak, and I never was in Egypt, but the images of the ancient temple of God Amon impress me with the grandiosity of the building and the presence of the holy lake, whose waters reflect a wood of keeps, columns, obelisks and invisible presences.
I wanted to represent these feelings in music with two tracks that try to describe the temple of Karnak in two particular moments of the day: dawn and sunset.
Three thousand years ago, among these stones and sands, priests performed their rites, artists decorated columns and architraves, common people prayed. Sacrifices, invocations, celebrations and funerals took place there. All this over, but maybe something invisible survived, permeating the atmosphere of those places with an aura of mystery that we can feel if we want to.

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