The man behind Motionfield is the German musician: Petter Friberg
Motionfield - Luftrum

Artists: Motionfield
P: 2015
LTD 300
A beautiful listen through liquid like beatless ambient with moments of immersive lush downtempo Idm that play with a oceanic softness bringing an organic feel and flow to the electronics. This is the sort of ambient that takes you back to the peak of 90's classic ambient era as with memorising albums such as: Dreamfish I & II (Namlook / Mixmaster Morris), Flying High & Global Chillage (The Irresistible Force), Substrata (Biosphere), Live (Sun Electric), Solitaire (Move D), Jet Chamber (Namlook / Atom Tm), Sea Biscuit (Spacetime Continuum), Slow & Low / Ambient Otaku / Organic Cloud (Tetsu Inoue)), Selected Ambient Wiorks II (Aphex Twin..etc; yet ’Luftrum' still sounds very modern, fresh, in the now and present with its own beautifully soothing and absorbingly deep sounds that will captivate the mind. A truly timeless ambient listen that sits with the best and may well become a much sought after release in the future..


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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.252  05/16
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 252
5,00 EUR
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