Music made by Artists out of the Eifel

This section is intended to provide a platform for all musicians residing in the Eifel region to be able to offer their music on the German and the international market. With the experience and professionalism from 30 years of sales activities of the company Cue-Records, sales are guaranteed worldwide.
Joerg Strawe - Legend of the Wolves

Artist: Joerg Strawe
P: 1991
Dark and light moments out of the life of the starving wolves are the themes of the CD.
Versatile tracks reflect the events around them. Sometimes with natural sounds and environments. Many sequences and a lot of different synthesizersounds are the perfect combination for this CD.

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Kai Gehlen - Was wäre wenn...

Artist: Kai Gehlen
P: 2020

The musician from the Eifel worked on his debut for 14 months.
He played all the instruments by himselve. The result is 7 spontaneous German pop songs that can be heard.

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Moonbooter - Both Sides of the Moon

Artist: Moonbooter
P: 2019
"Both Sides of the Moon" is his first double album with over 120 minutes, 100% new music. So no remixes and no live recordings. "Both Sides of the Moon" is on the one hand a homage to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 21st 1969. As the title of the album suggests, it's about the two musical souls in him that make up his music: Classical electronics and modern club music. Sometimes dark, sometimes melancholic, sometimes playful, sometimes serious. Kitsch is also allowed. But please with style.
All this is united on "Both Sides of the Moon" to a whole and thus his current album has become very diversified. Furthermore the sound is more open and even more dynamic. Sometimes a bit wider. Altogether less complicated. Not so full. It offers more space for peace, but also more power in the rhythmic pieces.

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