Dyson, John

The sympathic synthesizermusician from the UK, who attracts the fans with his friendly way!
He was also a part of Wavestar along with David Ward-Hunt, who died in 1999.

Dyson, John
John Dyson - Aquarelle

Artist: John Dyson
P: 1991

His second solo CD was also a great success. Melodic, orchestral, with some classical influences. His choice of synthesizersounds is brilliant. Catchy melodies made his second CD also to an alltime classic.

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John Dyson - Darklight

Artist: John Dyson
P: 2009
This is without a doubt John Dysons best album to date. Here he implements the craftsmanship of dynamic electronic grooves combined with some very ethereal and lush sounding synths & guitar work, which in return creates an almost symphonic experience.
Compared to his other CD's, this one has a slightly different approach to it in terms of melody and structure. This time Dyson is leaning more towards the vibes of what Tangerine Dream did back in the days. Some very good highlights/examples are the songs "Retro 82" and "Showers" which indeed showcases that Dyson's ability to create music with a new twist and creativity is a fact.
This CD is a superbly well-crafted extravaganza not to be missed by any fan of instrumental music. It has everything you could possibly expect from a Dyson album and more!
This is what I would call "the new generation of electronic music". Highly Recommended, especially for the fan base of Tangerine Dream.

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John Dyson - Different Values

Artist: John Dyson
P: 1994

His 3rd solo CD shows his usual style of melodic, orchestral, synthesizer based music in a little darker way. The music combines the sounds of Kitaro with the melodies of Vangelis and some more classical stuff.
His Moog solosounds are one of a time, still after so many years that this release is on the market. 

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John Dyson - Evolution

Artist: John Dyson
P: 1989 / 2003
This is the 2003 remaster with bonus track.
His first solo CD after his break with Wavestar. By many considered as his best!

The CD was voted to be the best CD of the year at the Schwingungen election.
The music reminds to Vangelis melodies and also to his former group Wavestar.

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John Dyson - Silverbird

Artist: John Dyson
P: 1998 / 2015

Melodic synthesizer themes in the usual John Dyson style.


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John Kerr + Ron Boots - Juxtaposition The Oirschot Concert

Artist: John Kerr & Ron Boots  
P: 2016

JUXTAPOSITION The Oirschot Concert was recorded live during E-Day 2016 with guest appearances by John Dyson, Frank Dorittke, Jeffrey Haster Bas Broekhuis and Harold v.d. Heijden. The recording was done from the Master desk in a stereo Wave file and additional audience recordings are from "illegal recordings by Andre Stooker and Niko Olofsen" thanks for them it made my life much easier :-) (Ron)
The filming was done by Niko Olofsen and his Son on 5 Samsung Phones. So although the quality is not solid 4K I think it is a remarkable achievement. The video was Tangenized (extra enhancements added) and edited by Niko Olofsen. We think he did a fabulous job on this with the material he had!!
John and I would like to thanks John Dyson, Frank Dorittke, Jeffrey Haster Bas Broekhuis and Harold v.d. Heijden for their remarkable performances during this concert. And if you keep in mind that all rehearsals where split (Yes we had NO full band rehearsal prior to the day it self which gave us about 15 minutes of rehearsal time!!) we are blessed with these 5 brilliant musicians. And a big thanks to the technical staff at the Enck (Bart and Bram) who helped us enormously! And for winfried Trenkler to come all the way from Sweden to see us live!
BUT the biggest that is for all you our audience. Over 300 people came to this E-Day 2016 which was the best visited E-Day to date! John and I would like to send our warmest regards to you all and we hope you will enjoy this registration as much as we did when we saw it the first time.

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Paul Ward, John Dyson + Antony Thrasher - 3 for Breda

Artist: Paul Ward, John Dyson & Antony Thrasher
P: 2009
All tracks recorded August '92 for Klemdag '92.
Guitar on 3 by Shaun Michael D'Lear.
3 musicians play 3 new tracks for their concert back in 1992 in Breda / NL.
Melodic in the usual Dyson /Ward style.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.243  08/15
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 243

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V/A -  Mysterious Neighbour (The Mars Project Vol. II)

Artist: Michael Garrison, P. Mergener, John Dyson, Ron Boots,
Schönwälder & Keller, u.a.

P: 1996
LTD 500

This CD produced by Cue-Records was joined by new titles of all the listed artists. The project was for the celebration of 20 years of the Viking lander on Mars in 1976.

Here the last copy!

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V/A - Best of New Age 2 (3CD Set)

Artist: Kitaro, Boots, Nova, Optical Image u.a.
P: 1996
This is a compilation made by the dutch company That's Entertainment. It was released in 1996 and is a very good mix of the electronicmusic releases of that time.

Here the last copy!

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V/A - E-Scape 2015

Artist: V/A
P: 2015
'E-Scape 2015′ is a collection of exclusive tracks from artists who will be appearing at the 2015 UK E-Scape Festival on 30th May. Despite the varied line up and styles on offer, this CD hangs together very well and is a very emotive album. From the classic opening UK synth sound of John Dyson and Michael Shipway’s ‘Ride the Beach’, through the romanticism of Dreamerproject’s ‘Hymne’, and the Berlin school adventures of Ron Boots’s ‘Berlin Thunder’, the album never dips below ‘excellent’ and there are no throwaway tracks here. Eric van der Heijden’s ‘Strange Escapism’ is a surreal sound voyage, FD Project’s ‘Beautiful Day’ is a full on, guitar driven live recording. David Wright’s ‘Walking With Ghosts’ Ambient Remix by DJMass is an interesting take on an old favourite and ‘Song for a Friend’ is a delicate rhythmic, ballad dedicated to the late Steve Roberts. Glenn Main’s beautiful ‘Escape the TNBC’ also has a strong personal overtone. Nice to hear music from Paul Ward again too, the interesting and playful ‘The Last Toy Emily Broke’ while Ron Boots concludes the album with the drifting and spaced out ‘Slow Flow’.

The album is dedicated to the memory of Edgar Froese and Steve Roberts.

This 2015 release features 77 minutes of dreamy electronic music.

This release offers previously unreleased tracks by musicians participating in AD Music’s E-Scape Electronic Music Festival in 2015. The contributions include:

John Dyson & Michael Shipway. Twinkling tones conspire with cerebral chords to produce an elegant tune laced with rhythms.

David Wright. Solemn beats and melancholy keyboards craft a stately piece dedicated to lost friends.

Eric van der Heijden. Reedy keys combine with breathy flutes and gentle percussives to generate a moody track in search of a way out.

Dreamerproject. Delicate harpsichord, rhythms and orchestral strings create a reverent song of tender sentiments.

Ron Boots. Majestic-but-understated electronics generate a mood of anticipation with cyclic chords seasoned by synthetic strings. The music gradually swells in muster, featuring a blooping undercurrent as the song’s puissance mounts to a loving crescendo.

Paul Ward. Strong rhythms support slippery keys that describe an edgy tune.

FD Project. Vibrant electric guitar is the key instrument here, accompanied by percussion and a ringing presence of pulsating tonalities to establish an ecstatic live piece.

David Wright. Regal tones delineate a pleasant tune laced with choral hints and whispery keys lurking beneath the more strident keyboard lead-riff.

Glenn Main. Piano joins electronic keys in a pastiche of fragile beauty that uplifts as it mesmerizes. The introduction of searing guitar midway elevates the piece’s inherent passion.

Ron Boots. Here, we have an epic (and winning) contribution-at 21 minutes in length. Rattly percussives tease vaporous electronics to coalesce into a soothing ambience that mounts some stately oomph with piano and additional keys, transforming the song into a lavishly emotional composition.

A worthwhile selection of international musicians, all displaying their skills at producing delicate electronic tuneage.

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V/A - KLEM 2 Electronische Muziek 1994

Artist: Peter Mergener, Michael Garrison, Klaus Schulze,
John Dyson, Steve Roach, John Kerr, Johannes Schmölling u.a.

P: 1994
LTD 1000
Released on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of KLEM. Most of new and unique tracks by the listed artists.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Here the last copy!

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V/A - Surreality

Artist: Ian Boddy, Shipway, John Dyson,
Mark Shreeve, Ward u.a.

P: 1991
Nice collection with new and already released tracks from the Surreal to Real label around 1990.
Track 10 recorded live at UK Electronica festival in 1990.
Track 12 recorded live during rehersals for the 1991 Klemdag festival, Netherlands.

Here the last copy!

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Various Artists - E-Day 2009

Artist: John Dyson, Gert Emmens, F.D.Project,
Stephan Whitlan u.a.

P: 2009
LTD 500
8 Tracks, exclusive for this CD.

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Various Artists - The Seed

Artists: Various Artists
P: 1992
LTD 1200

Variations on a theme by John Kerr:
John Kerr composed the original theme 'The Seed'.
This theme with a floppy-disc was sent to the artists on this release, they had to use the theme at least once in their contribution.
Hand numbered copies.

Here the last copy!


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Various Artists - Truth or Dare

Artist: Various Artists
P: 1997 / 2010
Part 3 of the "Truth" CD-series is digging even deeper into mysterious sound world inspired by The X-Files. Several different couples of musicians were put together in the studio, and again the outcomes have turned out both unexpectedly & fantastic. Newcomers on this CD are the guys from Airsculpture and the talented Amsterdam-based musician James J. Clent. This amazing collection of electronic music takes us deeper into the mysteries and nuances of Scully's adventures. It also takes us into the quirky soundworlds of some of Europe's finest synthesists! The fun and playful sequences and atmospheres are here. The experimental and avante garde textures surrounds those qualities. The journeys are beyond the sci-fi. Deep listening extends the tendrils of this music into my heart and my soul. Not only is this great music, it is also a meditative and contemplative listening experience.

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Wavestar - Moonwind

Artist: Wavestar
P: 1987 / 2003 / 2015

This is actually the third incarnation of the epic Wavestar album ‘Moonwind’. Having sold out of the second re-press, the album had been unavailable for some time so this chapter is welcome indeed. The album is musically identical to the last release, hence includes the additional track ‘For the Whales’. The packaging has been completely revamped and has the sort of presence which an album of this calibre deserves. It quite simply contains pure 100% EM of the highest calibre and tackles styles across the spectrum, presenting epic Tangerine Dream style sequencing alongside stunning melodics.
The opener ‘Voyager’ is possibly the greatest 12 minute package in EM history. It opens with drifting spaced out refrains and subtle effects. In the background the sequencing glories to come can be heard in subliminal fashion. At the 5 minute mark those sequences are unleashed to spectacular effect. The way the Digisound Modular’s power is harnessed to produce such hard hitting yet hugely enjoyable rhythms is a stroke of genius. Percussive rhythms explode and focus the beat to produce a hugely impressive backdrop, then John Dyson gets to work on producing some of his infectious lead melodies and we are presented here with some of his finest. They sear through the soundstage and scale seemingly never ending heights. The track seems to peak then goes higher.
The title piece ‘Moonwind’ is a brooding masterpiece which displays how effective electric guitar can be melded with synths. The main theme is wonderful and imparts such power and meaning at every turn.
‘Chase the Evening’.... No fan of classic TD style sequencing should be without this slab of pulsating electronic rhythmics. Not content with this, further lustre is added with marvellous melodics and massive symphonic escapades. It really is a masterpiece of synthesis, a sentiment which can be extended to the whole album.


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Wavestar - Zenith

Artist: Wavestar
P: 1985 / 1993

Originally released on cassette in 1985. Re-released in 1993 on Surreal to Real. Ambient electronics float in a sea of actively sequenced keyboards. When these sequencer rolls are not fulfilling the music's rhythmic quotient, E-perc delivers the required energetic elements. Searing guitar injects a visceral quality, bestowing both guts and intellectualism to the music.
The melodies are carefully balanced between brooding soundscapes and explosively dynamic structures. Slowburn passages lead into more intricate waves of ascendant music.

Equipment: Digisound Modular Synth with Alphadac Computer Controller - Roland Juno 6 Polysynth - Roland TR808 Rhythm Composer - Roland VP330 Vocoder Plus - 2x Roland MC202 sequencers - Korg Sigma - Siel Orchestra - SCI Pro-one - Custom VC Phaser - Electric Mistress - Boss DE200 Delay - Boss Chorus/Flanger/Phaser - Sony TC730 (Tape Echo/Flanging) - Fostex 3070 Compressor - Vesta RVI Reverb.

This is the last copy of the original Surreal to Real label version!


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