Rothermich, Edgar

Born in Germany, he studied Tonmeister and moved 1991 to Los Angeles to work on soundtracks together with Christopher Franke.
Rothermich, Edgar
Edgar Rothermich - Blade Runner

Artist: Edgar Rothermich
P: 2012 / 2014

If Edgar Rothermich is indeed a replicant of Vangelis, then his DNA is only one generation away from the source here. Having collaborated with Tangerine Dream member Christopher Franke, Rothermich certainly has the 80′s synth chops to astoundingly recreate “Blade Runner”‘s score from ear alone. Seemingly performed on the original computer banks that “Blade Runner” magically sprang from in Vangelis’ “electronic laboratory,” Rothermich’s gear is perfectly attuned.
Rothermich’s attention to detail is so fastidious that we even get the piano-tapping cue “Deckard’s Dream,” complete with the sound of passing flying cars at its start, and the voices of the Unicorn that marked him as artificial life.

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