Trede, Gerhard

Gerhard Trede was a German composer, arranger and conductor. He was born January 17, 1917 in Hamburg and died September 30, 1996 in Hamburg.
Aliases:Victor Cavini and in Groups.In Groups:Gerhard Trede & His Music, Gerhard Trede Selection, Orchestra Gerhard Trede, Victor Cavini & His Ensemble, Victor Cavini & His Music, Gerhard Trede & His Electronic Instruments, Gerhard Trede And His Electronic Instruments.
Trede, Gerhard
Gerhard Trede Tele Animation - Cosmic Peace

Artist: Gerhard Trede
P: 1987

The soundtrack composer has numberous albums released , but this album of 1987 emerges from the style of Trede he plays pieces intended for film scoring . By the year of 1987 , however, he has used synthesizer instruments , which corresponds to the time and so come in the pieces often materialize sound and melody combinations that would fit well in that time of TD and Johannes Schmölling .

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