Stewart, Matthew

Matthew Stewart is no stranger to the Spotted Peccary Label, having appeared on albums and live performances by David Helpling, Jon Jenkins, Deborah Martin, and many other’s over the past two decades.

Since early childhood, Matthew has always had an ear for music, first picking out melodies on an upright piano, then moving into classical piano lessons before experimenting with synthesis and electronic music in his teens. For him creating music is about letting go of the noise and conflict of being human and just being in the moment. “Music has always been a way to express thoughts or emotions that are hard for me to articulate otherwise.  The bend of a note, the way chords, melody and texture interplay and reveal something that cannot be defined, but must be felt has been a constant source of fascination for me.”

Stewart, Matthew
Matthew Stewart - A World Bathed in Sunlight

Artist: Matthew Stewart
P: 2016
Spotted Peccary Music presents A WORLD BATHED IN SUNLIGHT, the full-length instrumental debut from Matthew Stewart. Melodic moments and grand themes guide the way through ten cinematic and emotional tracks, where layers of synths and electronics unite with piano, ambient electric guitar, fretless bass and percussion to create a moving and organic album that is warm, musical and full of wonder. Stewart’s abilities as a multi-instrumentalist shine through brilliantly, and his songwriting skills are evident throughout the album as strong melodies and compelling chord progressions are prevalent on each and every track. With titles like Unearthing The Arks, Who Stays, Who Goes, Last Day On Earth, The Journey Away, and The Dust Settles, it’s clear that Stewart has put together more than just a random collection of tracks for this project, and even through there are no vocals or lyrics, the music successfully expresses a deeper story conveyed in the track titles. “The album is a musical chronicle of a fictional story I’ve had in mind,” explains Stewart. “The literal story arc follows the destruction of earth, the escape of a few seeds of humanity, and the discovery of a new world.” A grand story indeed, but rather than being overly dark in the telling, Stewart sees it as more of a creation myth. “Metaphorically speaking, it’s about destruction and rebirth; honoring what was, discovering a new path to survival, choosing what must be sacrificed, and journeying to a new, unfamiliar world which still has its seeds in the old one.” Musically, it’s the piano melodies that often hold the thematic center throughout the storyline of the album, but there are often many textural layers of electronic and organic instruments, percussion and various interweaving sounds that take each song on its own self-contained story arc. From the opening strains of the title track, through the dramatic pulse and tension of Falling Stone, to the forward looking resolution of Canvas, A WORLD BATHED IN SUNLIGHT is a visionary soundtrack that champions hope over fear, inspiring the promise of bright futures and endless possibilities.

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