Orbifold C

A russian electronicmusician, who's style is similliar to the early works of Jean Michel Jarre.
Orbifold C
Orbifold C - Apeiron
Artist: Orbifold C
P: 2020
The story started 12 years ago in October 2008 when a newly registered user at the Russian KLEM forum created a topic «Modest sketches in style of Jarre and Schulze» and uploaded a handful of drafts and sequences that were critically acclaimed by other forum users. There was no author’s name, no proper track-titles and everything was pretty much amateurish – except the music! These shimmering and glistening soundscapes with haunting harmonies and spectral melodic lines were too fascinating to ignore. Stylistically they were closer to Vangelis and Edward Artemiev rather than Jarre or Schulze… but still fascinating. Some time passed before a couple of new tracks were added to the forum topic. These were in the same captivating style and with the same lure that again enticed you to play them on repeat with no desire to press the “STOP” button! Then there was a break until 2010, followed by another until March 2013 when the draft of “(Space)Ships Set Sails” was revealed. This was followed by another break with no news, no new music. Just nothing. According to his behaviour, that talented guy didn’t regard himself as composer and didn’t do anything to promote his music during this time... but I was hooked already. From that day on I was determined to get in touch with the author and to insist on a proper full-length album. Lord knows how much time and effort it took, but hey, sometimes planets align in a row and sometimes Ron at Groove Unlimited welcomes unknown talents. That’s how «Apeiron» saw the light of the stars and the Sun and it’s most welcome. Being a scientist, ORBIFOLD C weaves his musical story using higher mathematical concepts and the romanticism of fundamental science. To me this is easily the most romantic space-music about the most complicated scientific theories of Space and the Universe. Long vistas of melodic sequences and notes scattered like a myriad of stars in the dome of the night sky, lit with the bright meteors of lead-lines… «Apeiron» is based on the concept of Space – be it cosmic space, or mathematical space. That very Space opens in full, high and wide in front of the listener to reveal its best-kept riddles and secrets – as numerous as the stars above us. These fantastic soundworlds can make you think, or dream, or revere the bleeding edge and horizons of modern science that stretch far beyond our regular consciousness. Just follow these gorgeous sequenced patterns and airy melodic lines to probe the Atmospheric Influences, to find yourself somewhere inside the combined functions of Covering Spaces, to take a glance from under the Veil Of Our Memory, to explore the unwitnessed plexi of Entangled Tachyons, to glide on a brane Beyond The Cauchy Horizon to see the mysterious Ion Mirage and – with eyes wide open – how (Space)Ships Set Sails… and to sail on them beyond the bounds of anything we can imagine.
Ron Boots said, «Hey, this music has a mojo» – and it has! Give it a listen, give it a chance – and look at the space from a (possibly) very different perspective. And let ORBIFOLD C become your best discovery of 2020.

Anton Uraletz (11/2020)
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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.309 02/2021
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 309

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