Deepspace is a pseudonym for Mirko Ruckels, a German-born ambient/electronic musician who now resides in Australia. His previous releases have been mostly self-released.
Deepspace - The Glittering Domain

Artist: Deepspace
P: 2008
Abstract and definitely "ambient" in nature, The Glittering Domain simultaneously exhibits a strong musical sensibility, with a sound and structure reminiscent of artists such as Vidna Obmana and Numina. Though Hypnos may be best known for unstructured "drone" style recordings, we really enjoy a recording like this one that has more of a tonal basis. Deepspace displays a slowly spacious, evocative and beautifully poised sound encompassing everything from deep, dreamlike pads to bright bubbling synths- everything is perfectly placed as you'd expect from an artist of this quality.

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