Vnuk, Paul

Paul Vnuk Jr. is percussionist, synthesist, vocalist, recording engineer and sound designer.
He is one half of the Tribal Ambient duo Ma Ja Le' with Christopher Short, and their albums (which have been eloquently labeled, Symphonic Tribal Minimalism) include "Dreams In The Orchards Of Saturn", "Imaginarium" (with Vir Unis) and "Seed" (with James Johnson).
Together as sound designers they have been involved in sound-libraries and projects for Sony, M-Audio and Apple, which have been used in films and top ten albums.
As a solo artist Paul's album "Silence Speaks In Shadow" is a classic among minimal-ambient connoisseurs and is a perennial favorite on the Hypnos Label.

Vnuk, Paul
Oöphoi + Paul Vnuk - Distance to Zero

Artist: Oöphoi + Paul Vnuk
P: 2006
This recording works in roughly the same "slow drone" territory explored by Vnuk and Oophoi on their solo Hypnos releases, Silence Speaks in Shadows and Athlit, respectively. At the same time, it has a different sonic character, at times slow and dark and smooth, but at other moments bright and modern and metallic. Distance to Zero could fairly be described as some of the most daring and experimental work by either artist... a true surprise to these ears when the demo arrived here at Hypnos HQ. It definitely has an "edge" to it, though it's still definitely easy and smooth listening. I have no doubt this will be a much-loved and much-discussed Hypnos release, and a significant milestone in the discography of both Vnuk and Oophoi.
Vnuk's Silence Speaks in Shadows and Oophoi's Athlit are two of the best-loved releases on Hypnos, and now these two great artists have combined their creative and sound-sculpting powers for a new work!

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Paul Vnuk - Silence speaks in Shadows

Artist: Paul Vnuk
P: 2001

The first Hypnos CD by Paul Vnuk Jr. of Ma Ja Le (a duo that released a collaboration IMAGINARIUM with Vir Unis, and also more recently issued a limited-edition live CD with Hypnos artist James Johnson). Vnuk ventures out into the solo world with a longform release that blends the environmental sounds of a cityscape with an ebbing and flowing synth atmosphere. SILENCE SPEAKS IN SHADOW gives us a glimpse into the psycho-environmental sounds of a city drenched in rain and industrial sonics.
Stating his inspiration for this project, Vnuk says: "The open windows and industrial sounds of a rain drenched city can have a strange calming effect on the soul."
A pre-release review by Jim Brenholts says: "....expertly mixes somber passages and samples with an expansive drone, nature samples and melodic pastoral ambience. The effect is both chilling and calming. The emotional and spiritual responses are clear and undefinable. The physical response is immediate calm. This CD is essential psychoactive meditation material!"
Hypnos Recordings feels a special fondness for smooth, long-form environmental pieces. We find them full of details which gradually reveal themselves, and transport the listener to unfamiliar locales, or frames of mind. SILENCE SPEAKS IN SHADOW is sure to be a favorite "place" of many who experience it.

14,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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