Catalin's music combines dynamic instrumental Vangelis style melody and soundtrack orchestration, choirs, subtle ethnic touches and great rhythms.

Catalin began classical piano lessons with a private teacher at the age of 6, although it was six years later when he purchased his first Yamaha synthesiser that he began composing electronic instrumental music.

In 1987 he won first prize for "Composition & Musical Creation" in a National Music Competition. This encouraged Catalin's belief that his quest for perfection in electronic music could only be achieved by the symbiosis of musical talent and the knowledge and skills of computer programming and electronic equipment.

Catalin - First Breath

Artist: Catalin
P: 1999

The standard of releases from AD Music Ltd continues to be quite astonishing, as this album by Catalin ably demonstrates! In addition to its terrific and polished production, "First Breath" is complemented by outstanding artwork and packaging.
The music has that rare quality of being not only complex and imaginative compositionally, but inspired and captivating to the ear and the soul. There are echoes of Vangelis here and there and some wonderful ethnic touches - but Catalin's music has a unique style and character all of its own, so any similarity to the "Great Greek" are mentioned only as a point of reference.
Listening to Catalin's music is like being carried away on summer winds to far off lands - from the dusty plains of Africa on 'Zulu Spirits Call,' to an eastern bazaar of the mystical east on 'Nandana, Spirit of Indra.' The orchestral and vocal/choir arrangements on "First Breath" are the equal to anything you would expect to hear on a major film soundtrack. Swirling soundscapes, changes in direction both sudden and seamless, and captivating melodies that have become a trademark of the A.D. Music label.
The album oozes quality and is, quite simply, magical!

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Various Artists - The First Snow

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2010
There are Christmas albums, and then there are Christmas albums. "ChristmasAD - The First Snow" is an outstanding collection of instrumental Christmas music that's appeal is that everyone is going to enjoy it!
A good Christmas album should contain some old classics plus some familiar pop titles to warm you on a cold winter evening as you sit by the fireside. So on this collection there are eight favourites, expertly re-imagined, plus eleven brand new Christmas songs that perfectly reflect the Christmas spirit.
"The Dancing Snowman" by David Wright & Geigertek is delightfully OTT and perfectly starts proceedings, and what follows is pure bliss! Steve Barnes and RamsayGee provide real romantic heart with five beautiful pieces: Steve's being the classic favourites "Little Town of Bethlehem", "Good King Wenceslas" and "God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen" and Gareth's being the sublime self penned "First Snow" and "Season's Wish". Catalin Marin returns with his epic, ethnic influenced "A Star in the East", and new artists Claudio Merlini and The Pels Syndicate contribute a stunning melodic track each with "Christmas Wonderland" and "Xmas5" respectively. Richard Bone provides two glorious covers in "Do You Hear What I Hear" and "Donde Esta Santa Claus?" while Acheloo and Robert Fox provide beautifully moody interpretations of "White Christmas" and "Silent Night". Al Rudd's "The Magic of Christmas?" provides the albums glorious "Tim Burton" influenced moment (think "A Nightmare at Christmas"!) while Lord of the Ants provides an atmospheric acoustic number that perfectly reflects "Christmas In New York". David Wright's rhythmic electronic version of "We Three Kings" and Bekki Williams beautifully orchestrated "Where is Santa?" end the album perfectly. The sound of children's laughter briefly open and close the album, reminding us perhaps that Christmas is about peace and good will reflected in the joy and laughter of innocence.
The collective artists on the label have really excelled here, presenting an emotive and memorable collection of Christmas tunes that delicately, and without exception, successfully walk the line between feel good melodic music and contemporary, creative, classically influenced new age/electronic music.
Beautifully recorded and produced, this is one classy album that is destined to run and run.

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