Nosesoul is Francesco Paladino & Opium (Matteo Zini)
Nosesoul - Angel Ghost + Human Shades

Artist: Nosesoul (Francesco Paladino & Opium)
P: 2006
Ambient experimental sounds combining the 'Francesco' voices with improvisational programming from Opium. Francesco Paladino here provides vocalisations that range from moans, whines and nasal tones through to various mutterings and mournings. Teo Zini or Opium surrounds these utterances with layers of ambient electronic texture and processed 'wave editings'. The resultant sound is a mysterious organic sound installation that is suggestive of various dreamstates - jangling bells, buzzing flies, birds, water droplets and hypnotic drones hang in the aural air - ambiguous, evocative and unsettling.
Opium: programming and wave editings
Francesco Paladino: all voices and nosemusic

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