Enten Hitti

This project is played by the two italian musicians: Pierangelo Pandiscia & Gino Ape.
Enten Hitti
Enten Hitti - Fino alla fine della Notte

Artist: Enten Hitti
P: 2014
LTD 300
Music recorded within one night. As to be seen as a sleep concert. Long sounding instruments with a fantastic surrounding and natural sounds.Perfect sound quality.

14,90 EUR
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Enten Hitti - Giant Clowns of the Solar World

Artist: Enten Hitti
P: 1996
LTD 1000
Tribal Ambient made by the Amplexus label.
Packaged in oversized A5 folded paper sleeve with a plastic cover.
Instruments used: computer, oboe, voice, violin, guitars, keyboards, tapes, drums, xilophóne, marimba, wooden chimes, glass chimes, kalimba, ethnic percussion, shells, bonesclappers, tibetan bell and others.

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Enten Hitti - La Solitudine del Sole

Artist: Enten Hitti
P: 2011
Recorded in three days and three nights into the woods around Bergamo-Italy, "La Solitudine del Sole" is the fruit of a long research on early sounds and primordial instruments.
Sonorous stones, singing cristal bowls, duduk, balafon, voices... are combined in a subtle variety of expressions and display an unique kind of spiritual and archaic feelings.
A sonorous ritual, a travel of transformation between what is above and what is below, between heavy and light, earth and sky..
An experience for solitary listeners, that close to a stone, are pierced from a sun's ray.
The revelatory expression that bond semplicity and knowledge, seem to be dispensed in a very natural way into sounds here, as the appearance of a sincere connection,
then after 15 years from their first album "Giant Clowns Of The Solar World" we are proud to spread out this new rare pearl by Enten Hitti.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.254  07/16
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 254
5,00 EUR
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