Hoppe + Wheater

Michael Hoppe plays Keyboards and Tim Wheater plays Alto Flute.
Hoppe + Wheater
Michael Hoppe + Tim Wheater - Romances

Artist: Michael Hoppe + Tim Wheater
P: 1993
These lyrical compositions are suggestive of passionate love songs, whose qualities include tenderness, intimacy, and yearning. Each romance is individually dedicated to the celebrated women featured in a remarkable series of photographs by renowned photographer E. O. Hoppé (1878 1972).

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Michael Hoppe + Vangelis - Solace for You

Artist: Michael Hoppe & Vangelis
P: 2004
The search for solace involves a difficult reconciliation of conflicting emotions, pitting one’s need to grieve at odds with a heavy-hearted realization that life, however diminished, must go on. Using an audio palette of grays and dark blues, Michael Hoppe offers Solace as a balm for the soul during such times, "where the dark clouds in life give way to the glow of eternal hope and peace." The clouds never fully lift during the 12 tracks of Solace, which appear to progress in a stages-of-mourning manner. The effect can be moving, even lovely (particularly the grand orchestral opener, "The Majestic Land," one of four splendid selections involving the Prague Symphony -- recorded remotely via an Internet link, of all things). The prevailing mood is melancholy but not quite maudlin; two angelic arias ("Pie Jesu," which Hoppe had written for the memorial service of his wife’s mother, and "Lachrymosa") are tearless, reverent expressions that aspire to the divine. The closing moment of "The Parting," a retooled but otherwise ordinary composition from 1986 that involves Vangelis, finally yields a sense of closure. For those in a state of bereavement, Hoppe’s Solace may offer you comfort. --Terry Wood

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V/A - Galaxy Vol. III

Artist: Software, Schmölling,Double Fantasy,
Wahnfried,Megabyte u.a.

P: 1990
This is one of the early IC Collections with the best tracks from the electronicmusic world, not only with IC releases, more with best of all tracks.

Here the last copy!

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V/A - Slow Music for Fast Times  (2CD)

Artist: R.Rich, M.Stearns, Alio Die u.a.
P: 2001
Best Of Hearts of Space artists from the 80s and 90s.

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