Shek, Krystian

The musician out of Frankfurt, who makes music since 1992.
Krystian Shek + Surya - Pasadena

Artist: Krystian Shek + Surya
P: 2010
Krystian Shek & Surya a.k.a. Maria Sol Berardelli are back with a -high-class Neo-Soul / Downtempo- LP in their luggage. This recording has an intense mood of positive vibes, deep-beats and balearic influences. The LP was recorded in Krystians -Banana-Snake-Plant- Studio in Frankfurt and at Suryas place in Madrid.
krystian shek (known for his several electronica releases on pete namlook`s fax-label and of course for his club-smasher acapulco-nude which got international dj support by e.g. satoshi tomiie, karotte, sasha & john digweed, monika kruse etc.etc.) is back with spanish vocalist maria sol berardelli a.k.a. surya. in this team up they have produced a master-piece of neo-soul . this recording is 100% ipod, iphone, living- or bedroom approved and intensively dance-floor tested.

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Krystian Shek - Israfil

Artist: Krystian Shek
P: 2010
PS 08/119
LTD: 500
Israfil (known as the angel of the trumpet in Islam and as the archangel Raphael to the Western World), is an album of bipolar music, dark, yet colourful, oscillating between joy of living and deep melancholy.
Shek`s 3rd Album on Fax lives from the thoughts and conscious differences between earth and space. The music springs forth lovely and deep, while radiating the vibe of the hot summer as well as the cold winter, and can really get a crowd moving.
The flow of harmonic and melodic structure is felt first, then heard, whether in our living room of your favourite night club.
Krystian Shek at his best in Chill-Out and Techno


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Krystian Shek - Sometimes Not

Artist: Krystian Shek
P: 2014
LTD: 300
Sometimes Not finds Krystian Shek in relaxed mode, remixing four tracks from his first full length CD Eisblumen, which originally appeared on FAX +49-69/450464, alongside seven new tracks. Krys likened the process of producing this album to that of painting on a canvas, eschewing the groovebox and instead relying primarily on the trusty TR-808, along with a Minimoog and MS-20. The result is a downtempo masterwork, perfect for the chillout room or late night listening via headphones. A refreshing drink to quench your sonic thirst. Don't forget to chill before serving.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.238  03/15
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 238

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SOL - Stardust

Artist: Krystian Shek (SOL)
P: 2003
PS 08/99
LTD: 2000

When Pete Namlook first heard the demo of this CD production he felt like being in a big Techno-clubs of the 1990ies surrounded by the Trance crowd of this time. During this era Ramin had his first "clubhit" .. every Trance-Lover knows his 1992 track "Brainticket".
Now, after the commercial overkill of this genre, which is only a document for the loss of taste and the strong will to earn fast money with music in the first place, comes Trance from the finest source in a very vivid and deep way, no cheap elements just pure love for the music that changed the sound of techno so much. Together with Antonia Langsdorf, whose texts fit perfectly and formed the title song of the Album "Stardust" SOL give us a good starter for a revival.
Great music survives *always* and so Christian and Ramin transport Trance with their production to the 21st century.

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V/A - Honeymoon Suite Vol. 1

Artist: Krystian Shek,Jeff Bennett,
Frank Sterling u.a.
P: 2006
Relaxed lounge music for the first night with the bride.

12,90 EUR
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