Devadder, Serge

Serge Devadder (Brussels, 1966) is a self-taught musician with a strong interest in electronic textures and loops. Heavily influenced by ambient electronica, atmospheric film scores and classical impressionist minimalism, Serge Devadder has developed his own style of ambient sonic paintings but the basis has also connections with Berlin School.
Following some early solo and collaborative tape project and concerts in the 80-90s, Serge Devadder joined Vidna Obmana in 1999 for the CD The Shape Of Solitude on the Swedish Multimood label. Since then, Serge occasionally released solo tracks on various sampler CDs in Europe, the USA and Asia. 2014 marks the release of his full-length solo-album Cambrian.
Devadder, Serge
Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.259  12/16
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 259
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Serge Devadder - Cambrian
Artist: Serge Devadder
P: 2014

Ambient electronic sound-textures with extensive use of loops, atmospheric electric guitar, treated samples and dense synthesizer layers. Deep reverbs, subtle sequencers and drone-layers give the record an aquatic, organic, dreamy feeling.
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Serge Devadder - Ganda
Artist: Serge Devadder
P: 2016
An analogue synthesizer release in the Berlin School vintage retro style.
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Vidna Obmana + Serge Devadder - The Shape of Solitude

Artist: Vidna Obmana
P: 1999
Subtitled "Suite for Electric Guitar, Atmospheres and Recycling".
Real-time guitar and processing performances at the Serenity Studio, Belgium, January - December 1998.
Produced and mixed at the Serenity Studio, Belgium.

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