Noom Cafe

Noom Café is the project by Marcel Kociolek from Rottenburg / Germany.
Here is what he says about his music:
Well, where do I begin...?
I started making own music in the early 1990s. First on my ATARI computer using a 8-bit sampler, later on regular PC.
In the course of the years I've built up a small MIDI studio and produced dozens of techno songs; primarily trance. These songs were mostly played at private partys or in the car.
1997, after my military time, I bought a number of new audio hardware to improve my sound quality.
Few months later, in 1998, I won a song contest and my music was distributed at the Musikmesse Frankfurt in the edition of 10,000 pieces. Inspired by the "success" I started to send out my demo tapes to record labels. Unfortunately my sound was still not professional enough so the larger German labels didn't show much interest.
Nevertheless, between 1998 and 2002, some of my songs were released as free downloads for promotional purposes on several smaller record labels.
After that I retired from the active music business. Mainly for family reasons. I mean I tried. Because I had to find out that keeping myself away from making music simply does not work!
So I compiled a couple of my older songs to an album and released them on a small net label in 2007. But this time I noticed that I could no longer identify myself with my old sound. I decided to take a break and focus on labor and lair.
Three years later I started to build up a digital recording studio and make music again. This time my focus was on quality. My new productions were slower, more complex and without any compromises.
I found a interested record label in summer 2011 and put together my first downbeat album in about four months. Unfortunately the company closed few weeks before I finished recording and I had to keep on searching for another record label.
But at the end of the year 2011 I finally found what I've been looking for: ELUX RECORDS
The project Noom Café was born!

Noom Cafe
Noom Cafe - Beyond Time

Artist: Noom Cafe
P: 2012
This is a Chillout Cd like we used to hear in the mid 90ies. Some passages are even darker but most of the time with electronic pads.
Ideal music that fits on the Elux label.

13,90 EUR
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