Marselje, Robert (The Blue Team)

The duch musician started his own music with synthesizers in 1985. Since 1993 he released several cds. He is also known under the project name The Blue Team.
Marselje, Robert (The Blue Team)
Robert Marselje - The Force of Music

Artist: Robert Marselje
Released in 1993 at Audio Works. This CD is partly filled with allready written compositions and partly filled with new compositions, written for this cd. The older parts are from the period 1989-1993.
Some details: Part 6 was written 1991 for a media-presentation. While the presentation was being edited, i had allready written movement 2 and 3. When the editor showed me the next scene in the presentation, i realized that movement 2 and 3 did not fit with the images and i had to start over. I remastered and rearranged the music for the CD.
When i lost a sound that was used in Part 7, the music improved even more. The dark, allmost imploding your speakers intro of Part 10 was made by a simple blow into the microphone. A bit altering and the sound changed into engines of a huge space vessel. This sound inspired me to compose part 10.

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