Con_Sense is a project driven by Tomas Weiss,one of the most promising names in Ambient/Electronic music. Beautifully mastered cinematic ambient with atmospheric/tribal grooves.
Con_Sense - Code Sent

Artist: Con_Sense
P: 2009

Beautifully mastered cinematic ambient with atmospheric/tribal grooves.
Code Sent covers over an hour of  top class contemporary electronic music,with a wink to various Berlin school legends.
Con_Sense doesn’t want you to know who they are, because their music should speak for itself. For this reason any personal presentation is not relevant. If you search a little for yourself however, it is not difficult to figure out who they are. These guys have a huge amount of music on the market, but with this release they are trying to create a new form of music. And in my opinion they succeeded.
“Code Sent” is their second release, “Compass” on Gears of Sand being the first one. Right from the start this CD gets to you with a large portion of tension.The sounds are electronic, but the music is a combination of all kinds of styles mixed together in one long journey. Underneath the slow rhythms  there are orchestral samples, choirs, bleeps, acoustic sounds, chants, sweeps of synths, trumpet and sequencers, sounding all very exciting. Most music you can compare to other artists, but in this case it turns out to be difficult.With all it’s noises and sounds flying around, you cannot call it ambient, it is rhythmical but don’t expect a techno beat, and maybe some ethnical percussions, but it does not sound ethnical at all. OK, one track, “The Secret”, could be an old Autechre track, or Speedy J in his old experimental period, but we like that don’t we? This is truly a very remarkable release and a must for every lover of exciting new electronic music.
Code Sent is a gift from the musicians to us, the listeners who wants to expand their musical view, so take this journey....a new code, a new experience, a new possibility.

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