Heinerman, Paul

Paul Heinerman as a composing artist is devoted to Cosmpolitan music. Himself being a global traveller prefers the beauty of islands in the seas. Inspired by cultures, people and the sun ideas for new songs are born every time he stays there. Paul likes travelling around several times a year and in between he works as a composer/ producer. His first album ‘ The Ancient World’ was played and composed all by himself. This time he has chosen to work with people like Cees van der Meulen, Bram Schenk and Pjotr Jurtschenko. Just to give his new album Private Sun that finishing touch. He experienced that this creative input works and at the same time it broadens one’s outlook.
Heinerman, Paul
Paul Heinerman - Private Sun

Artist: Paul Heinerman
P: 2001   
Paul about this album:
‘ In May 1999 I visited  one of my favorite Greek islands, called Crete. The atmosphere of this island gave me a lot of inspiration for making my new album. Especially ‘ Spinalonga’ , in front of the isle of Crete, which in the old days was a leprosy colony. And sitting on the beach, staring at the sea, my mind wandered of other imposing places I visited before, like India and Africa. These impressions I used as a leading motive for the music on Private Sun. I hope my inspiration tickles the imagination of my listeners and may my private sun be their sun too.’ 

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