Singh Boncard

"Singh Boncard is the name of a fictional musician invented by Perry Rhodan writer Hans Kneifel in the late 1960s and who has appeared in various Perry Rhodan stories written by Kneifel. Consequently Singh Boncard has been one of the most significant composers of the Perryverse to this day. This makes it even more gratifying that Georg Abts has chosen this name for his own electronic compositions.
Singh Boncard
Singh Boncard - EXP Music for Syntronic Instruments

Artist: Singh Boncard
P: 2005
If the name of Singh Boncard rings you a bell, you probably watched the sci-fi series Perry Rhodan. In it, there is a character that’s playing a musician with the name of Singh Boncard. Or recently, you listen to Chris Franke’s opera Perry Rhodan Pax Terra. Anyway, there is few information about this German artist, who has a website with few info on it; His real name is Georg Abts and he was very influenced by EM of the 70’s Berlin School area. And this, we hear it with wonder on its surprising opus, a lucky find in fact, EXP Music For Syntronic Instruments.
A beautiful spiral melody opens. A soft and delicate sequential movement which stride along a vertical line, as a pleasant-sounding spiral. Layers delicately fly over this minimalist impulsion that varies its tonalities under subtle modulations. Aspired by this hypnotic rotation, we hardly notice that Sunrise strips quietly its chords, letting the spiral coil itself on moulding bass and of keys which are inserted in an inoffensive swirl. This rotational movement is of such fluidity that we feel a form of ease from Singh Boncard to exploit it.
For Transit follows a similar, but more moderate tangent, on a hesitant rhythm, creating a virtual echo where superb and voracious sequence tears this brittleness sound of a blow. Undisciplined, it wanders of speed, whirling among choirs also wandering. This intense sequence will be the subject of a hypnotic rotary movement which hammers its impulsion of its heavy keys, without ever running off the line. An intense moment where sequenced percussions bore the intensity on dominant layers, heavy and powerful keys.
We continue this astonishing tour with Hypercycle, an undulating fine movement on a flowing bass, as Schulze style of the 70’s. The cymbals nourish a famished atmosphere of sounds which run out, little by little, in a multisonorous fauna where the reverberations of the continuous drones modulate fragile impulsions. A beautiful piece that awakes the memories of Robert Schroeder and his minimalisms movements. Moderate, the synth filters his fine layers in echo mode, multiplying the loops which agitate a more voluntary and dynamic sequence.
Titan multiplies the atmospheric modulations on an eclectic linear movement. A blow of psychedelectronic which contains segments which justify its presence.
EXP concludes this first opus of Singh Boncard with a charming astonishment which continues throughout EXP Music For Syntronic Instruments. A kind of space western where the guitar takes the relief of scattered and hesitant keys, which wander in nothingness that nourishes of sound reflections. The chords are duplicated in a perpetual echo, creating a heavy atmosphere of reverberations that percussions hammer on technoïdes sound effects. A strange movement that fill up the ears.
Ears full. This is what I retain of this first encounter with EXP Music For Syntronic Instruments of Singh Boncard. Intelligent, the German synthesist involves us in a sound fauna with flexible and attractive modulations. Toying a lot with undulating sequences and atmospheres, Georg Abts takes what its best of Berlin School to exploit its minimalisms triads in an enchanter sphere. EXP Music for Syntronic Instruments will undoubtedly please the amateurs of Berlin School style.
Guts Of Darkness:

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Singh Boncard - Lines of Time

Artist: Singh Boncard
P: 2014
Nice melodic , rhythmic tunes.


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