Roach, Steve

The multitalented producer and syntheizer musician ouf of Arizona.
Roach, Steve
Steve Roach + Brian Parnham - The Desert Inbetween

Artist: Steve Roach + Brian Parnham
P: 2011

Steve Roach's unique soundquests continue to take him and his listeners on powerful journeys to worlds at once alien and familar. On The Desert Inbetween, Roach teams up with fellow synthesist/percussionist/didgeridoo player Brian Parnham to explore a hybrid electronic acoustic soundworld sure to please listeners of Suspended Memories and Origins-era tribalism as well as The Serpent's Lair-styled electronics.
The blending of highly-altered organic sounds and instruments (voices, bells, didgeridoo & percussion, Waterphone), electric guitar and a vast array of analog and digital instruments connects deep into the primal mind. Drawing inspiration from the stark and magnificent expanses of the desert southwest, this project explores the outer edges of solitude: psychological states accessed when the imagination is cut free from daily concerns and permitted to focus on the essentials.
The Desert Inbetween expresses a longing for a state of beautiful isolation. The desert bakes away the superfluous to bring about a heightened state of self awareness, the expanse in between ordinary reality and special states of connected, creative awareness.
The desert has long been a lanscape that holds great inspiration for musical artists, writers and painters. To the receptive, it immediately provides a more direct path to the deeper self and source of one's artistic impulses. As the land of extremes, the desert is alive with beauty, stark vastness, magnificent vistas and silence. All of these places are expressed on The Desert Inbetween. Both artists know this desert realm after years of being immersed in this environment. Either as a metaphor for the inner world or a direct interpretation, the dynamic and subtle interweave of this experience is clearly alive here.
The Desert Inbetween is a masterwork collaboration of organic, tribal ambient rhythms, nuanced hand-made sounds and searing textures.

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Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf - Dream Tracker

Artist: Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf
P: 2010
The essential ingredients of ancient and contemporary shamanic trance states are fully activated in this highly potent new release. Byron carved out a collection of incredible trance grooves for nearly a year, eventually bringing in the prana-infused didgeridoo of Dashmesh Khalsa on every track. Steve joined on in early January 2010 and poured his heart and soul-drenched soundworlds into the six pieces, covering a full range of ecstatic dreamtime flow: rhythm, breath and expansion. The end result is a full-blown dreamtime alchemy of all the elements. The living, breathing percussion, didgeridoo and soundworlds are unified in a single purpose: to open to the door out of the ordinary world, initiating the listener into an empowered journey of infinite possibilities for spiritual rebirth, illumination, and transcendence.

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Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf - Nada Terma

Artist: Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf + Mark Seelig
P: 2008
A continuous flow in seven parts. Low drones and something like eerie sitar music lend an otherworldly feel to the first of seven parts that play as one continuous piece of music. World and ambient music are fused together harmoniously as wood flutes, clay pots, overtone vocals, and of course Steve’s various treatments combine into a unified whole.
The album is similar to Mantram in that it goes very deep, practically demanding the listener reach a different plane of consciousness. Each track is called an excerpt rather than a part, further emphasizing the intended continuous listening experience. Until tribal drums arrive in the fourth passage, the music evolves incredibly slowly, but once change comes it comes boldly, the drums bleating insistently and continuing into part five, which becomes more intense and dramatic.
Things calm a bit in the sixth excerpt as flutes return, and further still on the 17-minute closing section which makes for a soothing relaxing finish.

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Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf - Tales from the Ultra Tribe

Artist: Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf
P: 2010
After two years pushing the creative edges, TALES FROM THE ULTRA TRIBE emerges as a fire-breathing life form. The deep trance-shamanic-atmospheric collaboration between Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf evokes the primordial caverns and aeon-blasted landscapes of their groundbreaking THE SERPENT'S LAIR.
And yet on
TALES FROM THE ULTRA TRIBE, a new sound emerges.
It's a lucid trance-groove experience, a searing combination of acoustic percussion and hyper-dimensional electronic rhythms. The Ultra Tribe are the future primitives: the future-tech foundation wrapped by the organic. It's no longer clear where the human ends and the machine begins.
The elements of this sound are Steve's complex hybrid-grooves overlaid by Byron's primal, fluid and organic -- yet precise -- frame drums and percussion. It's an atmosphere of shifting soundworlds in which the forms of the Ultra Tribe exist. An alchemy of electronic sequencers, drum machines and percussion locks in the groove, while the human element jumps in and out of the steady pulse, giving the music a passionate intensity. The elements are deftly shaped to a point of complete integration where the final result is transformed into a living breathing body with an electro-organic soul.
As one of the original architects of the tribal-ambient genre, Steve Roach's innovations are mapped out on the landmark albums
ORIGINS, ARTIFACTS, AND DREAMTIME RETURN, along with releases from the Suspended Memories trio and the more recent Fever Dreams series. Similarly, Byron Metcalf's tribal-shamanic albums Helpers, Guides & Allies, Not Without Risk, The Shaman's Heart, and A Warning From the Elders, serve as a benchmark for deep journey exploration. In the late 90's, Steve teamed up with Byron, and over the span of a dozen years they've created an array of releases that explore and push the outer edges of shamanic-electronic tribalism.
The eight pieces on
TALES FROM THE ULTRA TRIBE are built into a seamless 74-minute deep-journey experience. Adding to the overall impact is a high resolution sound achieved through masterful recording and mixing techniques. With a multi-dimensional trance-groove trajectory, the sound is a tribal-electronic well of experience. A continuous kaleidoscope of visionary power, mystery and visceral awe envelops the listener. The synergistic alchemy of Steve's and Byron's work fuses to new levels of audio-induced, mind-expanding music.

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Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf - The Serpent's Lair

Artist: Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf
P: 2000   
Ambient explorer Roach and percussionist Metcalf originally began this as an experiment into the effects of breathwork and the use of sound on a person "as a shamanic strategy for healing, personal growth, and transformation." The successful effects their music had in group settings were extended into these compositions. While billed as a collaboration between the two men, The Serpent's Lair also features contributions by (deep breath) violinist Vicki Richards, overtone vocalist Jim Cole, pre-Hispanic sound sorcerer Jorge Reyes, singer Lena Stevens, synthesist Vidna Obmana, "groove alchemist" Vir Unis, and djembe players Jeffrey Fayman and Momodu "Mohammad" Kah. The two discs in this package act as yin and yang--the eight parts of the first disc, "The Serpent's Lair," highlight intoxicatingly hypnotic drum rhythms slicing through churning ambient spaces, while the seven cuts that make up the second disc, "Offerings from the Underworld," travel down darker, spacier streams with subtle rhythms, reverberant vocals, and exotic aerophones caressing and riding the ethereal aural waves. This invigorating combination of musicians invents a dynamic new perspective on Roach's trademark deep-listening forays. It would be wonderful to hear more collaborations like this.
All music arranged, mixed, melted and recorded by Steve Roach at the Timeroom Studio, Tucson AZ. 1999 - 2000
Music produced by Steve Roach and Byron Metcalf.

With musical help from:
Vicki Richards - serpentine violin in The Lair
Lena Stevens - processed voice
Vidna Obmana - harmonic wave in pt. I in Rite Of Passage.
Jeffery Faymanand Momodu "Mohammad" Kah - djembe in Rite Of Passage, Big Medicine and Future Tribe
Jorge Reyes - voice, flutes, ocarinas, whistles, shamanic percussion and voice in Birthright and Cave Dwellers
Vir Unis - groove alchemy in Beating Hearth Of The Dragon Mother and Lena - voice in Ochua

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Steve Roach + D.Hudson - Australia: Sound of the Earth

Artist: Steve Roach & D.Hudson & S.Hopkins
P: 1990    
Australia: Sounds of the Earth captures the primordial hums and rhythms that have emerged from and moved across this continent in the four directions, like the winds themselves since The Dreamtime began. This recording features the didgeridoo, an Aboriginal wind instrument of remarkable flexibility and power, in traditional and innovative formats. Virtuoso solos by Aboriginal artist, David Hudson, are complemented by performances of up to four didgeridoo players accompanied by drums and electronics.Tracing the development of an indigenous music firmly rooted in patterns of existence dictated by the rhythms of the land, Australia: Sounds of the Earth embraces Australia's musical past and present. The riveting performance of cellist Sarah Hopkins, acknowledges the debt 20th century composers owe to the influence of Aboriginal music. By utilizing a combination of bowing techniques and overtone singing, the Australian cellist emulates sounds of the didgeridoo. Producer, Steve Roach, blends the recordings from the outback with their haunting modern echoes by creating evocative soundscapes, and the illusion of a journey through time and space to the origins of these primal sounds.

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Steve Roach + Dirk Serries (Vidna Obmana) - Low Volume Music

Artist: Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana
P: 2012    
After a ten year hiatus, Steve Roach and Dirk Serries (formerly recording as vidnaObmana or Vidna Obmana) reconnect to begin anew. The result is LOW VOLUME MUSIC, an introspective musical palette solely dedicated to harmony, integrity and pure beauty.
In a world where the noise level of daily life has increased to a fever pitch, this release offers an essential sonic respite from the external distractions. These five delicate sound meditations appear in the listening space like slowly drifting incense. The pieces are built upon a perfect blend of deep ambient characteristics: looping and lush textures and harmonics mixed with subtle, hovering, lattice-like forms. The tracks follow a zen-like flow, bringing the listener's attention down to a distinct stillness, a single point; gently shifting, sparkling mirror pools of sound are revealed as meditations to reflect upon. The understated beauty of
LOW VOLUME MUSIC offers a path back to the soulful nourishment found at the quiet center.
"We chose the title
LOW VOLUME MUSIC," Dirk reflects, "because we wanted to score an album of pure minimalism, introspection and harmony; music that is most effective at a lower volume. Although it draws from our personal and mutual universe of sound, I believe the biggest difference from the past is we both wanted to aim for something unclouded without pushing each other to break sonic boundaries. We both felt it was vital for us personally to express that part of us that we return to: the pure, harmonically-nuanced side of our art that we naturally live and breathe."
Over the course of their six releases and many international concerts, Roach and Serries pushed the edges of ambient electronic music, then when the time felt right they respectfully stepped away to pursue other work. With
LOW VOLUME MUSIC, Roach and Serries reconnect to create a beautiful release, displaying a vision sublimely refined, minimal, and true. This is perhaps their most personal collaboration to date.

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Steve Roach + Erik Wollo - Stream Of Thought

Artist: Steve Roach & Erik Wollo
P: 2008
This is one of those releases that comes along every now and then where all the elements merge in alignment and a kind of magical sonic-musical alchemy occurs, taking the listening experience to a whole other level -- the kind of experience where when it's over, you immediately want to hit Play again.
With these veteran electronic composers' combined experience of 60 years, the resulting STREAM OF THOUGHT experience can be described quite simply as mind-altering and soul-quenching. This release stands apart from the extended immersive long-form tracks of recent releases. Presented as a continuous flow, the metaphor of sitting on stream's edge while fully engaged with the present moment is the appropriate context to experience the fluid ebb and mercurial flow of this streaming living soundworld.
Starting on two continents and two very different atmospheric conditions -- Erik in Norway and Steve in Arizona -- the foundation of their similar ages, musical inspirations, sonic inclinations, and a mutual respect for each other's work started the collaboration in early 2007. The most formative aspect of the collaboration occurred this summer with Erik's visit to the Timeroom in Arizona for final recording, arrangements and editing. The approach to the final structure was more in alignment with that of film editing, where the sense of time and pacing was consciously aimed at activating a powerful visual-auditory reaction and visceral experience. This is an inspired release in the best true sense of the word. Relax and float downstream as tranquil drifts, passionate rapids, midnight star gazing and blazing sunsets await on this ride by two masters of the genre.

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Steve Roach + Erik Wollo - The Road Eternal

Artist: Steve Roach & Erik Wollo
P: 2011
This is the sound of big skies, open roads and soaring imaginations, all pulling one towards the next destination with grace and beauty. The artists’ roles are clear on this one. With Steve on analog sequencing, electronic percussion and most of the zones and atmospheres, Erik focuses on his processed, textural, and melodic guitar and his Roland guitar synth. It strikes a perfect balance of the artists’ two distinct styles.
The project was started in early 2010, and shifted into laser focus when Erik came to Tucson for the SoundQuest Fest. After the concert, the two holed-up in The Timeroom for a few days and channeled the energy from the fest, working non-stop towards completion.
The sound is vibrant, full of shimmering light and saturated with optimism. With both artists each having devoted over 30 years to their art, this set of five pieces flows with the understanding and skill that comes from this experience, bringing their best to the table in the true spirit of collaboration.

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Steve Roach + Jeffrey Fayman - Trance Spirits

Artist: Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman
P: 2002
TRANCE SPIRITS by Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp and Momodou Kah represents the next step in genuine tribal ambient soundscapes. This amazing gathering of artists makes a magnificent leap into the future of acoustically-fused electronic music.
Five of the seven pieces are driven by a complex juggernaut of authentic African percussion, performed as long-form groove trance pieces by Fayman and Kah. As opposed to just using loops to conjure the desired mood, TRANCE SPIRITS is a real continuum of time, with subtle evolution within the tracks. Entwined with the shamanic / trance-inducing soundworlds created by and augmented by Fripp on three the combined effect unleashes the primal forces of with a boiling undercurrent of rich, transporting textures.    
Recorded at Grandma's Warehouse & The Timeroom, Tucson, AZ, USA.
Composed and produced by Steve Roach and Jeffrey Fayman.
Jeffrey Fayman & Momodou Kah - percussion.
Robert Fripp - guitar on track 1,6 & 7.
Steve Roach - guitar, synthesizer, Shamanic percussio, Ocarinas.

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Steve Roach + Jorge Reyes - The Ancestor Circle

Artist: Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes
P: 2014
Conjuring images of a primal futurism, this alchemical blending-of-sound is a ceremonial offering to the forgotten gods. The Ancestor Circle is a new tribal-ambient-electronic collaboration, the first recording from Roach & Reyes since Vine ~ Bark & Spore (Timeroom 2000). This is the lost chapter of a long soulful journey that has taken twists and turns in its unfoldment. The music feels steeped in a frothy mind-altering blend, waiting for years as the potency increased. Roach & Reyes combined their instinctual nature — developed over almost a decade of worldwide live and studio adventures — leading up to the core of what became The Ancestor Circle. It is in this circle that their sound is unearthed from deep within their primordial soundworld, where prehistory meets future-tech creating a sound impossible to carbon date.
Like the audio artifacts of a lost tribe, the studio source recordings that form this album’s foundation were uncovered in 2013 on a cryptically-marked set of tapes. Created the week before Roach & Reyes’ May 2000 concert at Tucson’s Temple of Music and Art, this is their last joint studio project as Reyes passed on to The Ancestor Circle in 2009.
Roach comments, “Jorge is still very much alive here in the circle where we always met with an unspoken language of sound constantly moving through us. As I completed this music now, adding new elements and evolving the arrangement, I could feel Jorge’s spirit listening and interacting with me in the studio, offering feedback or sometimes making his guttural sounds of agreement like he would do in the past when we were deep in the process of carving on a mix. Just as in previous magical studio and stage experiences, we are in the circle once again.”
For thousands of years, music was created to assist entrance to expanded states of consciousness, support a passage of life, birth and death and invoke the gods, spirits, and allies. While the abundance of today’s entertainment-music has lost this powerful inner core, on The Ancestor Circle it is fully reinstated. This is a new “medicine music” as it should be: a probing visceral experience with the power to illuminate and shroud in mystery, digging deep into zones hidden within the psyche. It offers a potent realm of renewal for those seeking an unfiltered, cathartic rinse-down of today’s technological, modern world; it helps hit the reset button of perception.
Rising up from a dark shroud of night to embrace life, an ancient voice chants in serpentine ecstasy only to subside and hover next to a slow realm of eternal time drawn from electronics, percussion, prehispanic flutes, ocarinas, other acoustic instruments and silence. When the sound dissolves beyond recognition, a subconscious landscape arises, whispering of faded visions painted on stone, echoing on studio walls, of times gone by and times to come. Roach & Reyes are still here bringing us messages from the infinite.

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Steve Roach + Jorge Reyes - Vine, Bark + Spore

Artist: Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes
P: 2000
This recording captures a pure, organic sound that is rich with the potent magical atmosphere that has become central to their music in both solo and group settings. The remote and mysterious locations in the deep of Mexico's historic landscape as well as the hallucinogenic terrain of the Sonoran desert in Southern Arizona provide the ground for this music to take place upon. Created from a genuine surreal blending of acoustic and electronic instruments along with voice and location recordings make up some of the ingredients of this musical elixir, one of . With the intention of creating an opening to step through strong shamanic undercurrents time and again. Vine, Bark & Spore offers the music as the medicine for the soul.
An essential record of why the music of Roach and Reyes acts as a transmitter of the attitudes that ancient cultures had towards music and the spiritual aspects of life while merging with the currents of today.

Here the last copy!

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Steve Roach + Kevin Braheny - Western Spaces

Artist: Steve Roach
& Kevin Braheny

P: 1987 / 1990 
Combining Roach's ambiance with Braheny's lyrical passages on electronic woodwinds, Western Spaces was the first of two collaborations based on the landscapes of the American Southwest--in particular the Mojave and Sonoran deserts. The ambient "New Moon at Forbidden Mesa" contains hints of high winds, muted angelic voices, and echoing coyote howls, while "Desert Prayer," opening with a cathedralesque keyboard figure, introduces a synthesized vocal sound not unlike a violin or a Middle Eastern cantor. Where later Roach albums deal strictly in color and timbre, Spaces incorporates the idea of melodic text. The solo voices and arpeggiated figures become a narrative that knits together the streams of consciousness expressed through layers of drone and percussion--like a sidewinder leaving trails across the desert floor.
Western Spaces opens with The Breathing Stone, a spacious, shimmering aural excursion by Roach. Kevin Braheny's Desert Walkabout is a celebration of the sense of freedom inspired by the timeless beauty of arid vistas. The two synthesists collaborate on Desert Prayer, a lyrical reflection that conveys a reverence for the serenity of this uncompromising landscape. Roach and Brennan's In The Heat Of Venus explores the mystery and sensuality of the extreme conditions that are always at play with one's perception and personal integrity in the desert. Roach, Braheny, and Burmer join forces on the title cut, an expansive musical commentary on infinite visions of bare rock and cloudless skies.

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Steve Roach + Loren Nerell - Terraform

Artist: Steve Roach + Loren Nerell
P: 2006 / 2009
TERRAFORM is the first full collaborative album for longtime friends Steve Roach and Loren Nerell. The two composers met in LA in 1981, back in the early days of the electronic music scene. It was a time when like-minded musicians who understood the importance of emerging technology were coming together in local clubs and performance venues to share what they knew and learn from one another. After years of friendship and occasional musical collaboration the two decided to convene in a relaxed setting to see what they could distill from a blending of their collective talents and individual styles to accomplish common aims. TERRAFORM emerged from their mutual desire to create an organic, surreal and deeply ambient environment of langorous humid soundscape enviroments. Through a labyrinth of studio techniques, a kind of audio terraforming was developed. Heavily textured and mood altering, the long uninterrupted flow seemingly slows time down by way of the surreal dark ambient soundforms found in much of Roach's work. Nerell brings the steamy, evanescent blend of his mutated Indonesian sources, a signature sound that defines his previous releases for Amplexus, Side Effects and Soleilmoon. Loren Nerell has studied gamelan music for the last 25 years, expanding and fine-tuning his mastery of Indonesia's unique indigenous musical traditions through performances and field work. During this time he has accumulated a large number of field recordings, many of which he uses in his compositions. This has evolved from simply using the material as-is, to an elaborate processing technique in which the material is taken to a point so far from its original source as to be unrecognizable. Along with their collaborative efforts Steve produced, mixed and provided art direction on this special release.Initial impressions from several listeners have referenced Brian Eno's seminal "On Land" recording.


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Steve Roach + M.Stearns + K.Braheny - Desert Solitaire

Artist: Steve Roach
& Michael Stearns & Kevin Braheny

P: 1989    
DESERT SOLITAIRE picks up right where WESTERN SPACES left off, but adds Michael Stearns' own synthetic gigantism to the fiery Roach/Braheny cabal.
Opening with the awesome percussive magnetic fields of "Flatlands," the combined flair of all three sound technicians is brought to the fore: haunting pastel shades of electronics intensify a barren landscape made flesh by the cricketspeak of log drums and ticking digital chronometers. The somnambulent "Specter" is nine minutes of igneous ambience, Roach's cooing drones bespecked with rainshowers of dewey, shimmering synthdrops. "Highnoon" suggests a confrontation of sorts, gusty electronics forming great vortices that threaten to sandblast the desert floor back into the stone age. DESERT SOLITAIRE, like its title, maintains a palpable presence best experienced in a dark room frozen at sunset before a yawning chasm, the trio's cavernous sound sculptures the only true accompaniment.

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Steve Roach + M.Stearns + R.Sunsinger - Kiva

Artist: Roach & M.Stearns & R.Sunsinger
P: 1995    
True shamanic music: Actual peyote and ayahuasca ceremonies recorded by Ron Sunsinger provide the foundation for this unique collaboration with Steve Roach, Ron Sunsinger and Michael Stearns.
Like the shamaninc medicine from which this music draws its inspiration, this is not for the weak at heart. The four directions provide a symbolic symmetry to this extraordinary recording. The artists also combine recordings they made together within a labyrinth of caves in New Mexico during a 2 week session completing the music, adding yet another ingredient to the vision invoking sonic broth .
Ron Sunsinger - Main Performer.
Steve Roach - Vocals, Multi Instruments, Main Performer, Electronics.
Michael Stearns - Vocals, Multi Instruments, Main Performer, Electronics.

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Steve Roach + Mark Seelig - Nightbloom

Artist: Steve Roach + Mark Seelig
P: 2010
Prolific ambient innovator Steve Roach teams with Ph.D. shamanic practitioner / musician Mark Seelig to create a long-form piece of space-opening sound magic. Like the many fragrant and beautiful night-blooming plants which are host to mind-altering qualities, this 70-minute experience slowly blooms outwards with Mark’s vocal harmonic and Tuva-style overtoning intertwining within Steve’s zones and “terra” grooves. A slow motion magical blend is created in this nocturnal mist-filled realm. The power of the human voice is drawn forth in a primordial understanding and finds a perfect fusion with subterranean heartbeats, drones and zones swelling from the harmonic soil, gently urging the Nightblooming to increase its potency and allure.
Steve and Mark are intrepid travelers in the realms of expanded musical states; they have collaborated with shamanic percussionist Byron Metcalf on Mantram, Nada Terma, Disciple and Wachuma's Wave. This release settles into the sustained oceanic qualities of these powerful releases. Slow down, breathe deep, hear and feel the Nightbloom blooming inside.

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Steve Roach + Metcalf + Seelig - Wachuma's Wave

Artist: Steve Roach & Metcalf & Seelig
P: 2003    
"WACHUMA'S WAVE" is sacred music in the truest sense. It is a portal of travel, a soul retrieval, a ritual of deep time dreaming. Veteran trance percussionist Byron Metcalf teams up with German-based musician and shamanic practitioner Mark Seelig to bring forth a multi-textural blend of Bonsuri flutes, sacred chants and overtone singing, simmering percussion and other hybrid grooves, augmented by rich offerings of deep drift ambient synthesizer and didgeridoo from special guest, soundscape maestro Steve Roach.
Fans of THE SERPENT'S LAIR will be thrilled by this innovative and heart-stirring alchemy.
This project was built around Byron's evolving style of acoustic and processed percussion pieces pulsing in the spirit of THE SERPENT'S LAIR with Steve Roach. The spiritually rich overtone voice and flute of Mark Seelig creates a unique stirring blend that is organinc at the core. Although Steve was consumed with the creation of MYSTIC CHORDS & SACRED SPACES, he joined in on the project later on, adding soundworlds and processing throughout. This release sets the stage for a second project in production now, a full collaboration between Byron, Mark and Steve that was mapped out during a recent week this summer at the Timeroom.
Produced, recorded and moxed by Byron Metcalf at The Lair, Prescott, AZ, USA
Steve Roach parts recorded at The Timeroom, Tucson, AZ, USA
Tracks 1-5 composed by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig
Track 6 composed by Mark Seelig and Steve Roach With Steve Roach.

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Steve Roach + Miles Richard + Peter Grenader - POV

Artist: Steve Roach + Miles Richard + Peter Grenader
P: 2019
Miles Richmond and Peter Grenader along with guest artist Steve Roach have released their debut project POV. This ambient work engages the listening experience through a multi-timbral sonic adventure drawn from gliss guitar inner-weavings and deeply nuanced modular synth worlds. The feeling throughout the flow presents a dynamic yet serene emotional terrain.
Elemental touchstones are early Fripp and Eno, American Minimalism and textural ambient.
Miles Richmond Electric Guitarist and Hollywood trained composer/arranger with a long tenure in music production. Previous released collaborations include Tugruvu, which integrated sampled NY street interviews and found sound with electronic forth world rhythmic/ambient elements in the spirit of Jon Hassell, and 8 albums with Komla Amoaku, founder and director of the National Theatre of Ghana in Accra, West Africa.
Peter Grenader has an enduring history in electronic music. Studying music composition at the CalArts under the influence of Morton Subotnick, his music has been presented extensively in three continents -  winning the Periòdic Experimental Music Festival in Barcelona and the Virginia Commonwealth Electronic Music Festival.  Past collaborations include Analoglive! (with film composer Gary Chang, Nine Inch Nails keyboardist Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, Chas Smith, Thighpaulsandra), The zZyzx Society (with Jill Fraser, Chas Smith, Thighpaulsandra and Danny Carey of Tool.  Past releases include Secret Life on Coda Recordings, The zZyzx Society on ZSR Records and Patch.CVTWO on Organic Records.
Guest Artist and Production support Steve Roach.

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Steve Roach + Robert Logan - Biosonic

Artist: Steve Roach & Robert Logan
P: 2016

BIOSONIC's labyrinth of bio-electrical rhythmic pieces mixes with passages of deep drifting textural magnetism. Nine tracks possessed with intense fire and driving dynamism push down to the molecular level, while entrancing groovescapes inhabit new textural worlds of mind-expanding power. The music's intention is ecstasy and intensity -- like the frenzied rush of red blood cells, nerve impulses or the firing of pistons -- such tendencies are balanced by an undercurrent of tranquility and yearning.
Roach and Logan describe: BIOSONIC expresses a kinetic energy that drives the imagination channeled through the tools of hypersonic creation. The expressions rise up from the unconsciousness; the bio/machine-theme mushrooms outwards in this sonic fantasy. It emerges from the pulses and rhythms of the body while also diving consciously into expressing fractalized patterns which find parallel in the natural world, the universe and beyond. This is a vivid dream world for the bio-mechanical era where the lines between human and machine dissolve and reach moments of peak perception."
The complete Story of BIOSONIC and SECOND NATURE.
Co-creation across an ocean of shifting sonic paradigms.
Pushing the boundaries of perception-expanding music, Steve Roach and Robert Logan release two vastly different transmissions of powerful emotion and exploration.
BIOSONIC's elegant futurism and SECOND NATURE's romantic minimalism are distinct yet linked through a passion for engaging, subtle body-mind states. The former's darkly ecstatic, deeply-layered, electro-neural atmosphere contrasts with the latter's nuanced, sparse, ambient-atmospherics and processed-piano tone paintings.
BIOSONIC's labyrinth of bio-electrical rhythmic pieces mixes with passages of deep drifting textural magnetism. Tracks possessed with intense fire and driving dynamism push down to the molecular level, while entrancing groovescapes inhabit new textural worlds of mind-expanding power. The music's intention is ecstasy and intensity -- like the frenzied rush of red blood cells, nerve impulses or the firing of pistons -- such tendencies are balanced by an undercurrent of tranquility and yearning. This yearning finds a full embrace in the companion release SECOND NATURE, a shadowplay of gentle reflection and repose. The tone and warmth of processed electric grand piano mixed with atmospheric synths and textures are the grounding point for an emotive reflective watercourse of harmony, melody, texture and space woven together with an innate human sense of tension and release. The journey that led to the creation of these albums is a story unto itself. Twenty-eight-year-old England-based Logan has been a fan of sixty-one-year-old American ambient innovator Roach's music since first discovering it at the age of thirteen. Logan's father introduced electronic music into Logan's life at a young age; soon thereafter, an Amazon search turned up Roach's The Magnificent Void, a life-changing listening experience for the evolving artist. Logan remembers, "I had been looking for nourishing, truly mysterious, deep-space music being carved out by current artists in modern studios; with Void, the album was everything I dreamed of and much more. As a teenager, I went on umpteen mind-bending, cosmic trips of the imagination to that album; I soon began collecting Steve's music. It soundtracked many blissful journeys in the night travels across Europe."
Logan's father was a teacher, and he encouraged his students to draw pictures in response to albums he played for them. In the mid-2000's he played Roach's music, then collected the drawings and sent them to Roach along with a CD of Logan's ambient music.
A correspondence grew between the two artists separated by more than thirty years of experience; the mutual appreciation was immediate. As Roach recalls, "I was instantly amazed upon hearing Robert's first CD. His music was already emoting at a very high level that seemed well beyond his years. We began a long-distance collaboration fusing and morphing our approaches and unique languages into a new hybrid of electronic music."
Over the course of four years, the two traded sound files with regular phone sessions and emails mapping out the vision and pieces that would become BIOSONIC. Logan and Roach describe the work, "BIOSONIC expresses a kinetic energy that drives the imagination channeled through the tools of hypersonic creation. The expressions rise up from the unconsciousness; the bio/machine-theme mushrooms outwards in this sonic fantasy. It emerges from the pulses and rhythms of the body while also diving consciously into expressing fractalized patterns which find parallel in the natural world, the universe and beyond. This is a vivid dream world for the bio-mechanical era where the lines between human and machine dissolve and reach moments of peak perception." In late 2015, Logan visited Roach's Timehouse studio in Arizona for an intensive to put the finishing touches on the album; the creative session-environment inspired an entirely new project. A second album was created unexpectedly.
Roach says, "SECOND NATURE emerged directly from instinct, the call and response to the moment between two artists interacting together in the studio for the first time. It's a 'less is more' minimalist statement. The balance of ambiguity and quiet reflection is present in this set of pieces of fleeting emotional weight. I utilized the Timehouse studio as an instrument, working with my beloved vintage analog synths, live looping, mixing and effects processing. This created the opening for Robert to focus solely on playing processed electric grand piano; it evoked a new way of performing, drawing on his years of experience with the instrument. Over three days, the music emerged without hesitation. The album title perfectly speaks to the feeling we had with this process; it flowed forth as if by SECOND NATURE."
BIOSONIC and SECOND NATURE are two powerful, distinct yet interconnected releases. While in dramatic contrast to each other, the potency of the music on these releases is a testament to the agility that exists between these two artists. It reveals their immediate response to a universe of emotion and stimulated mental states felt and expressed in this pure transmission. The music celebrates the energy of being fully alive, engaging the senses, opening to a vast and fascinating world of BIOSONICs: body, mind and heart sound art for today.

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