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Klaus Schulze - Rheingold Deluxe-Edition (2DVD+2CD)

Artist: Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard
This is the strictly limited 2 DVD & 2 CD Set.
On the 18th July 2008 Klaus Schulze played at the 'Night Of The Prog III' festival an extraordinary concert on the Open Air Stage 'Loreley' in St. Goarshausen, Germany. With the Australian singer Lisa Gerrard, Klaus had a very special guest with him. Lisa refined the tracks 'Loreley' and 'Wellgunde' with her unique voice.
This concert was filmed to become Klaus Schulze first DVD release. The DVD with the title 'Rheingold' is going to be released around middle of November 2008.
Last August Schulze and his sound ingenieur Tom Dams worked at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios to fixing the 5.1 Mix. Klaus also did an exclusive interview with Steve Wilson from Porcupine Tree, which will be part of the bonus material for the DVD.

The DVD version of "Rheingold" contains the entire concert at "Loreley" (but without the track "Nibelungen", available as a bonus track on the CD version only) on DVD1 (109 minutes) and a special documentary on DVD2 (118 minutes) plus a 6 page booklet.
Klaus Schulze - EMU K4 Masterkeyboard & Sampler - Roland JD 800 - EMS Synth A - Minimoog (Bj 1968) (w/ Moog Filterpedal + TC Electronic distortion Stompbox) - Moog Voyager - Waldorf Wave - Roland Digital Mixing Desk, Mackie 19" Mixing Desk, Reverbs, Roland RSP 550 Delays - Quasimidi Polymorph Synths - Quasimidi Rave-o-lution 309 Drummachines - Access Virus A -
Lisa Gerrard - vocals on 'Loreley' & 'Wellgunde'
Technical Details:
o Region code: 0
o Language: English & German
o Subtitles: English
o Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital & 2.0 Stereo
o Discformat: DVD-9
o Runtime: DVD #1=approch. 109 min., DVD #2=approch. 130 min.

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Klaus Schulze's Wahnfried - Trance Appeal

Artist: Klaus Schulze
P: 1996/ 2007
Produced & mixed by Klaus Schulze.
Composed, played & arranged by Richard Wahnfried & Jörg Schaaf.

KDM describes it: “Marooned” (13:12) is a track which I received from Klaus a few years after "Trance Appeal". It was part of twelve CD-Rs full of studio recordings by Klaus (and guests), planned for another set release that later became the five (or six) CD set “Contemporary Works 2".
The present bonus track is a little part from the fifty percent of then unreleased music. On both sessions (the orginal TRANCE APPEAL as well as on the bonus) Klaus is joined by Joerg Schaaf, and both sessions were indeed designated for Klaus’ “Wahnfried” project and albums.

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La Düsseldorf - Viva

Artist: La Düsseldorf
P: 1978 / 2008
Viva is the second studio album from Klaus Dinger's La Dusseldorf. Klaus was the second half of the motorik based German band Neu! and this album is similar to the album Neu! 75. With Viva, some of the songs still are driven by the trademark motorik beat of Dinger, such as Rheinita and Geld. It seems that the subject of this album is Dinger himself. We get to learn about his fashion sense in White Overalls, his disdain for money in Geld, and his hopes for the future with Cha Cha 2000. Even the title of the instrumental track Rheinita is a reference to Dinger and a girl (Anita) being separated when he was younger. So what's the music like? Driven by the drums and layered with somtimes multiple guitars and synths, the music has a full somtimes majestic sound. White Overalls and Geld even have a punk feel to them. Cha Cha 2000 does drag on a bit (the track is 20 minutes), otherwise a very enjoyable album if you are into Krautrock.

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Lutz Rahn - Solo Trip

Artist: Lutz Rahn
P:  1979 / 2012

By the end of the seventies the band Novalis from Hamburg had to cope with a lot of stress including their charismatic Austrian singer Fred Mühlböck. Creatively as well as commercially the band had reached the height of their career. In 1978, their masterpiece Vielleicht bist du ein Clown? had been released, one year later saw the release of their first and only superb concept album Flossenengel. At the same time Novalis keyboardist Lutz Rahn took a Solo Trip (thus title of the long player). The album contains elements of classic ambient piano music, vibrant organ loops and idyllic electronic soundscapes. Many a follower of the band was wondering and even feared if this solo trip of the introvert and innovative keyboard virtuoso could be seen as an act to free himself from the shackles of his native band. Even today Rahn is objecting vigorously to this thought by assessing This coup solely resulted from my musical curiosity. When we founded Novalis in 1971, my main instrument was the Hammond organ. I wanted to use most of the latest electronic musical instruments that been had developed such as sequencers. These numerous new possibilities had an impact on my song writing and arrangements. And he adds: In the course of events I have developed a certain taste for musical experiments. Aside from working with Novalis I was tempted to pursuit other paths. During these trips I had collected quite a bit of material but not with the purpose to create a solo album from that. Most of the tracks emerged even earlier, even years before, and not shortly before the release of Solo Trip. And on a Solo Trip he went indeed. Except drummer and personal friend Helge Tillman it was Lutz who played all instruments. The fact that there are no vocals on the album does not at all decrease the dynamics and extraordinary versatility of the eight tracks. Besides, I am a lousy singer. That's why I left it at that, Rahn explains with the stoical humour being typical for the North of Germany. According to Lutz there is no concept behind Solo Trip. It is simply a selection of instrumental ideas and thoughts, ideas exciting to me. What's more, I wanted to experiment with my electronic instruments and devices, which used to be state-of-the-art, without having to compromise with some other band members, he confirms. Solo Trip won high praise, especially from pro keyboardists who compared the production to early works of French sound magician Jean-Michel Jarre or those of the Japanese band Far East Family headed by the most talented keyboard sorcerer Kitaro. Despite rave reviews Solo Trip remained Lutz Rahn's only solo album. I never really intended to be a solo artist, he explains. I was far too dedicated to the band and happy with it. My picture on the album wearing a clown mask which I was able to hide behind certainly summed up a principle of mine. In 1985, Novalis broke up. None of the band members stayed in the music business. Only Lutz stuck to it, an addict to the mesmerising world of sounds. Today, he is working as composer, arranger and producer in his own studio. Lately, I've been thinking about taking up something like a Novalis project with different singers and musicians participating, he concedes dreamily. If this works out, it will be indeed my Solo Trip, part II. Michael Fuchs-Gamböck.

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Michael Garrison - An Earth-Star Trilogy

Artist: Michael Garrison
P: 1989 / 2012
Re- Issue on CDR with original Artwork (Booklet and inlay card)
An Earth Star Trilogy and Songs from the Earth-Star is the complete title of this CD.
It shows us Michael in a little slower style, with more use of digital synths.

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Mike Andrews - Time + Science

Artists: Mike Andrews
P: 2002
He consciously and unconsciously melds both these styles into his music though as his career progresses he is also developing something of a style of his own. His first 'proper' CD 'Retrospective' showed a highly impressive cross section of his work previously only available through the mp3 format. Here the tracks tend to lean towards the more powerful examples of his style though there are some more delicate numbers as well. All of Mike's work is highly melodic but it never gets twee. The leads either flash at you like lasers or work on an almost subliminal level going straight for the soul .Most of the tracks here are parts of a piece called 'Tides of Time' but with other tracks inserted here and there flowing as one continues whole. The scene setter 'Tides of Time (Intro)' is a beautiful relaxed way to start the album. A lovely dreamy lead line floats above windy effects and shimmering drones. A powerful lead melody surges from the speakers over vast pads and explosions. Its extremely exciting almost apocalyptic stuff. Another explosion takes us into 'Genesis' and the pace slows. A lovely little motif hangs in the air as more melodic detail is added here and there. A slow ominous rumbling loop starts up contrasting with lead touches. 'Part 2' is something of a floater but also intense as the sound is multi layered and very dense. 'Part 3' is simply stunning. A slow but purposeful rhythm grabs the attention over which an absolutely devastating lead line combines with an equally melodic sequence. There are relatively few good tunesmiths in EM but compared to any of them melodies just don't get any better than these. Its one of the most enjoyable tracks I have heard all year. 'Part 4' takes us to very 70s JMJ territory, especially in the melodic sequence department. The lead lines and all sort of other background detail are also dripping with Jarrisms. Its powerful but extremely enjoyable. Couldn't keep myself still to it. Wonderful stuff! 'Part 5' is quite a contrast. From spooky beginnings we move to a very Vangelis inspired lead line. There is a feeling of pent up power then a rapid roller coaster of a sequence spews from the speakers. Vast ominous pads accompany it, those spooky little effects still in the background. The mood is lightened completely for 'Fantasy'. This is as tender as the album gets. The melodies are just exquisite grabbing hold of the heart. Backing is provided by flutey synth and orchestral pads. It still has an immense epic feel to it however. Wordless vocal touches almost sing over the top as the mood becomes euphoric. I would think that John Dyson would have been proud to have composed it. Power and beauty in perfect harmony. 'Part 6' continues in a similar mood though initially it is much less dense consisting of solo piano. A sort of sawing bass sound is added giving it some attitude then little sequences are allowed to develop lower in the mix. Later in the track the piano disappears and the sequences and drums take over changing the mood completely as we motor forwards. 'Part 7' is initially a little like one of Jarre's moodier more atmospheric numbers but then another sequence / rhythmic combination takes over and we get into an extremely pleasant body moving groove. I have no idea why the next track is called 'Interstellar Jazzcafe' as it doesn't sound remotely jazzy - just more Jarre in every department. The sequence bounces forth combing with typical sonic touches and lead lines from 'Oxygene' or 'Equinoxe'. 'Part 8' has a mega 'overcooked' organ lead line out of which emerges a blistering sequence. 'Apocalypse' is appropriately titled and almost cinematic. Symphonic pads combine with an appropriate doom laden rhythm. A brighter sequence emerges in the fourth minute but the mood still remains intense ending with the sound of church bells. We finish with 'Part 9'. A slow sequence full of attitude accompanies more symphonic pads. Again the intensity of the lead lines is almost overpowering and as with some of the other tracks has a somewhat end of the world feel. As well as the two musicians already mentioned I think this album would also appeal to fans of Otarion and Andy Pickford as it is music which is both immense in scale as well as melodically superb.

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Naoki Kenji - Ecoustic

Artist: Naoki Kenji
P: 2004 / 2011
German-japanese sound wizard Naoki Kenji started his career as a keyboard player in Tokio and Osaka. Deeply influenced by the Japanese culture that surrounded him, his interest for electronic music started to grow. And when it have been the big electronica heros such as Yellow Magic Orchestra und Riuchi Sakamoto that inspired him back then, Kenji today may look back on his own long-lasting career as producer, composer, and remixer (e.g. for Al Jarreau and Ivan Lins). Countless successful releases in Japan, Europe and the US on labels such as Sony or Universal/US Kenji give an impressive proof of his career. With „Ecoustic“, Naoki Kenji now presents his fifth longplayer. And already during the first listening of this album, experts of Kenji’s music will notice the big step that the extra-ordinary producer has taken since his last album „Denshi Ongaku“. Every single track of „Ecoustic“ showcases the great experience that Kenji has gathered over the course of the past years when he has been doing a large number of live gigs and his songwriting skills have reached a completely new level. The unmistakable motif of this fifth longplayer is his approach to the emotional impact of music, of sound and acoustics. Kenji interpretates these terms from an electronic point of view, hence the name of his album: „Ecoustic“. Within the first three tracks songs he manages to show the enormous spectrum of his musical understanding. Dreamy harmonic textures meet up with organic downbeat grooves, while beautiful strings collide with sounds from outer space. Naoki Kenji is an innovator and electronica genius in the deepest sense of the word, and with his outstanding production skills andsongwriting abilities he fuses different styles to form unique emotional and melodious landscapes. ‚Ecoustic’ is taking a loan from Electronica, Jazz and Soundtrack music to create a breathtaking swinging hybrid beyond the usual styles of modern lounge discretionary.

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Peter Mergener + Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock - Visions of Asia

Artist: Peter Mergener & Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock
P: 2007
With more than 30 acclaimed albums to his credit Peter Mergener has become one of the most respected and prolific musicians in contemporary electronic and cosmopolitan music scene. Still he always kept being open to and well aware of the qualities in other musicians. So over the years Mergener and Hoffmann-Hoock have frequently collaborated – on “Visions Of Asia” you now can hear the most beautiful results of their musical friendship! The compositions are slick and charming, evoking distant lands thick with exotic flavor. Many of the tracks possess a calming quality despite their complex structure, applying their dreamy melodies to inspire a sense of epic scope.

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Peter Mergener - African Smile

Artist: Peter Mergener
P: 2000
"African Smiles" is the fascinating document of the composers impressions from a lengthy trip to the black continent. African rhythms, chants and natural sounds blend beautifully with Mergeners sensual synthetics. A musical vision with breathtakingly wide range!

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Peter Mergener - N.O.X Mystica CD + DVD

Artist: Peter Mergener
P: 2004
On the DVD you can see and hear the whole concert, in another chapter you will have the opportunity to get an impression of the Mystic Night during a 14 minutes walk throught the illuminated aisles of the Kaiserthermen, another chapter shows the gladiators in the Amphitheatre and you can escort the legonaries from Porta Nigra to the Roman camp.
All music is recorded in real surround 5.1., so sit back, relax and enjoy a brilliant concert and the whole Roman festival.
As bonus you will find the complete Audio CD on the Set.

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Peter Mergener - Phonetic Society

Artist: Peter Mergener
P: 2010
On “Phonetic Society” Mergener returns to his personal artistic roots, by using more electronics and less acoustic instruments than on his latest offerings. Here once again you find wide, spacey sound scapes, sequencer runs, robots, digits and experiments. The technical world in all its cold beauty, expressed by elements of the traditional Berlin school of electronics as well as by modern beats. Both currents are brought together in the track “Time Passengers”. Here younger listeners get a chance to learn about the Berlin sound while older fans might be pleasantly surprised by the more modern grooves on this remarkable album. Peter Mergener, internationally renowned founder of important New Instrumental music groups such as SOFTWARE, deals with a hot issue on his new solo album “Phonetic Society”: the information overload! “We have to live in a constant stream of music and diverse noises, sounds are everywhere”, says Mergener. “Through our mobiles phones and other technical gadgets we are continually connected with some kind of sound”. This is why German composer Mergener speaks of a “Phonetic Society”. On his new album the thoughtful and sensitive sound sculptor tries to depict this man ic world through the means of music (as in the title track “Phonetic Society”), but also to complement it with relaxing and soothing moments (as in the track “Floating Energy”).

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Robert Rich + Ian Boddy - React

Artist: Robert Rich & Ian Boddy 
P: 2008   
DIN 29
LTD 2000 Copies
React is the third collaboration between American ambient pioneer Robert Rich and DiN label boss Ian Boddy. However, unlike their previous two studio outings on the DiN label, Outpost (2001) and Lithosphere (2005), this is a record of their first ever live performance at the Star’s End Radio Show 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert in Philadelphia in June 2007.

The duo forge a fascinating sonic collaboration that allows for glimpses of each other’s musical personalities to be seen within the evolving musical landscape. Boddy is mainly responsible for the rhythmic content which he mutates and morphs from the sonic input of Rich’s MOTM modular system. There are references to a couple of tracks from Outpost (Ice Fields and The Edge of Nowhere) and the title track of Lithosphere but they’re presented in a more energised and dynamic version. Meanwhile Rich paints a tapestry of sound with muted keyboards, flutes and his trademark gliss lap steel guitar voicing.

The music ebbs and flows from abstract soundscapes through gentle reveries to up tempo sections that combine thunderous analogue bass and glitchy percussion overlain with a mesmerising mix of keyboards, flutes and gliss guitar. A truly unique concert performance by two of the most accomplished musicians in modern ambient electronica.

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Robert Schroeder - Brainchips + Fresh Food (2 X 1CD Double Feature)

Artist: Robert Schroeder (Food For Fantasy)
P: 2005 / 2010

CD 1: Robert Schroeder - Brainchips
CD 2: Food for Fantasy - Fresh Food


the two CDs in one Set price!

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Robert Wittek - Different 9

Artists: Robert Wittek
P: 2001

The 9th CD by Robert was a way out to a different style. He plays more in a lounge style, one time also like Kraftwerk and always very electronic.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - 10 years offer (120 CDs)
This is an offer for 10 years of Schwingungen (120 CDs!!) for an offerprice.
You pay for 10  years = 199,-- €  (instead of 500,- €)

Year 2016
Year 2015
Year 2014
Year 2013
Year 2012
Year 2011
Year 2010
Year 2009
Year 2008
Year 2007

12 CDs for each year = 120 Cds in total.
instead 500,00 EUR
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Special Offer 1 - 5 CDs

Artist: Various

5 Cds at a special offerprice.

  1. CD 1 : Bernd Kistenmacher: Un Viaggio attraverso L'Italia
  2. CD 2 : Rudolf Heimann:  Tide
  3. CD 3 : Peter Mergener: Lounge Control
  4. CD 4 : Peter Mergener & Klaus Hoffmann Hoock: Visions of Asia
  5. CD 5 : Bernd Scholl: Mystic Voyage
29,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Special Offer 10 - 5 CDs

Artist: Various

5 Cds at a special offerprice.

  1. CD 1:  Otarion: Evolution
  2. CD 2: The Glimmer Room: Tomorrow's Tuesday
  3. CD 3: Harald Grosskopf: Synthesist
  4. CD 4: Various Artists: 50 Jahre Planetenmodell Hagen(Spyra)
  5. CD 5: Joerg Strawe: Jewels
29,90 EUR
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Special Offer 11 - 5 CDs

Artist: Various

5 Cds at a special offerprice.

  1. CD 1: Otarion: Faces of the Night
  2. CD 2: Peter Seiler: Klangoase
  3. CD 3: Open Canvas (Alpha Wave Movement): Nomadic Impressions
  4. CD 4: Subsonic Experience: Präposition
  5. CD 5: Ron Boots & Friends: More Live
29,90 EUR
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