Alquimia, the Mexican-born female singer and composer nowadays based in London, has with her own albums  as well as with her collaborations with Mark Jenkins, Zinkl, Roedelius and Peter Mergener set remarkable, sometimes quite experimental accents in the EM scene.
Zinkl + Alquimia - Underwater

Artist: Zinkl + Alquimia
What happens when an unconventional intellectual creator of sounds, with his apparently incompatible preferences for 70s art rock and modern computer sounds, meets a Mexican mystic, vocal artist, and groove specialist? Zinkl, the quiet type with a predilection for composing wondrously charming and delightfully unwieldy treasures, and Alquimia, the enigmatic Mexican music sensualist who runs a musicclub in her self-imposed exile in London, certainly make an unusual couple. But they say opposites attract, and these two have deliberately sought each other out. "Underwater”, their first joint album, unites Alquimia’s feeling for exotic but catchy melodies and polished vocal artistry with Zinkl’s off-beat sounds and percussion sequences combined with tricky 12-tone harmonies. In an act of creation the two musical night birds have turned their backs on all the trends and created a magical album: their apparently opposing aesthetic approaches have given rise to a dozen surprisingly homogeneous songs which at the same time are jewels that sparkle from every one of their many facets. Informed listeners will recognize associations ranging from Kate Bush to Stravinsky – yet there is really no equivalent in the modern pop world.

Zinkl & Alquimia: "a musical marriage, made in cyberspace"!

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