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Police In Cars With Headphones ‎(Ulrich Schnauss) – Wegwerfgesellschaft

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Artist: Ulrich Schnauss
1 Weihnachtsgeschenke Für Die Familie 9:11
2 Summerhill Juice 12:49
3 Fruchtsaft 17:36
4 Tetra Pek 12:06
5 Death Of A Junk Colibri 11:08
6 Setting The Shopping Mall On Fire 11:54

Harking back to Ulrich's fledgling recording days, this trim (in number rather than duration) collection of tunes, under the most intriguing of monikers, failed in its bid to secure record store shelve space when the distribution deal went awry.
How tragic is this? Well, quite frankly, nothing short of calamitous I would proffer.
At such a time, Ulrich was already working on material under the guise of View To The Future, but it would be his recordings as Police In Cars With Headphones that would emerge as finished album product. Though not wholly seminal, Wegwerfgesellschaft (just rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?) is an utterly absorbing, strangely hypnotic and guilefully crafted opus that belies the composer’s (very) tender years - just nineteen at the time! Whereas Ulrich would go on to release full-length ambient / drum n bass releases, as the previously mentioned View To The Future (1997), as well as Ethereal 77 (1999), and garner commercial success with recordings under his own name, I feel that Wegwerfgesellschaft is worthy of the title of Landmark within his repertoire. At least for the time being.
Album opener, "Weihnachtsgeschenke Für Die Familie" (what is it with the titles?) begins as an edgy piece that in time smooths out to great melodic effect - for me the album's showpiece. By far and away the most commercially accessible track on offer here is "Tetra Pek" - industrial, metallic beats (a la Kraftwerk) swathed in a warm, velvety lushness. In stark contrast, "Death Of A Junk Colibri" might well send shivers down your spine with its overt sinisterness.
I wonder, what do police in cars with headphones really listen to...? Well, they'd probably listen to this music if they could, but the crime is that it's not available... However, as the Ulrich Schnauss fanbase continues to swell, it's only a matter of time, I feel!

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