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Agate Rollings - Diomede

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Artist: Agate Rollings

CD 1:

1.A starting point is a point of no return
2.Admiring the white shore
3.Days are flowing
4.Everything is calling outside my window
5.I knew it in that fisherman's shack
6.The seagull's circular flight
7.A dot on my new blank page
8.Ships and ice between us
9.A walk on the bridge of the ship in the fog
10.Old tales around a table near the fireplace
11.At least it happened
12.The end of another useless day
13.I painted your name in yellow on the wood
14.Wrinkles of a lifetime here
15.The night swimmer
16.The rite of passage
17.2,4 miles

CD 2:

1.What it means to stand by myself in front of these walls
2.A scene from a movie never made
3.Finally I look upon the light
4.Any house does not survive for a long time
5.For an upcoming ending

Experimentelle Musik die sich der Kälte auf zwei Inseln der Bering See an der Datumslinie widmen. Manchmal düster, manchmal wie ein Hörspiel.
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