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V/A - E-Scape 2015

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Artist: V/A
  1. Ride the Beach John Dyson & Michael Shipway [6:04]
  2. Song for a Friend David Wright [4:34]
  3. Strange Escapism Eric van der Heijden [5:25]
  4. Hymne Dreamerproject [5:14]
  5. Berlin Thunder Ron Boots [10:27]
  6. The Last Toy Emily Broke Paul Ward [4:34]
  7. Beautiful Day (Live) F.D Project [7:01]
  8. Walking with Ghosts (Ambient Remix) David Wright [5:15]
  9. Escape the T.N.B.C Glenn Main [7:47]
  10. Slow Flow Ron Boots [21:10]

Hier gibt es alles exklusive neue Stücke, die für diesen Sampler zum Anlass des Konzertes in England.

This 2015 release features 77 minutes of dreamy electronic music.

This release offers previously unreleased tracks by musicians participating in AD Music’s E-Scape Electronic Music Festival in 2015. The contributions include:

John Dyson & Michael Shipway. Twinkling tones conspire with cerebral chords to produce an elegant tune laced with rhythms.

David Wright. Solemn beats and melancholy keyboards craft a stately piece dedicated to lost friends.

Eric van der Heijden. Reedy keys combine with breathy flutes and gentle percussives to generate a moody track in search of a way out.

Dreamerproject. Delicate harpsichord, rhythms and orchestral strings create a reverent song of tender sentiments.

Ron Boots. Majestic-but-understated electronics generate a mood of anticipation with cyclic chords seasoned by synthetic strings. The music gradually swells in muster, featuring a blooping undercurrent as the song’s puissance mounts to a loving crescendo.

Paul Ward. Strong rhythms support slippery keys that describe an edgy tune.

FD Project. Vibrant electric guitar is the key instrument here, accompanied by percussion and a ringing presence of pulsating tonalities to establish an ecstatic live piece.

David Wright. Regal tones delineate a pleasant tune laced with choral hints and whispery keys lurking beneath the more strident keyboard lead-riff.

Glenn Main. Piano joins electronic keys in a pastiche of fragile beauty that uplifts as it mesmerizes. The introduction of searing guitar midway elevates the piece’s inherent passion.

Ron Boots. Here, we have an epic (and winning) contribution-at 21 minutes in length. Rattly percussives tease vaporous electronics to coalesce into a soothing ambience that mounts some stately oomph with piano and additional keys, transforming the song into a lavishly emotional composition.

A worthwhile selection of international musicians, all displaying their skills at producing delicate electronic tuneage.


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