Masanori Takahashi better known as Kitarō, (February 4, 1953) is a Grammy award-winning Japanese musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist. In the early 1970s, he changed completely to keyboards. He joined the band "Far East Family Band" and toured with them around the world. In Europe, he met the German synthesizer musician and former Tangerine Dream member Klaus Schulze. Schulze produced two albums for the band and gave Kitaro some tips for the use of synthesizers. In 1976 he left the band and travelled through Asia. Back in Japan, Kitaro started his solo career in 1977. The first two albums Ten Kai and From the Full Moon Story became cult favorites of fans of the nascent New Age movement.
V/A - Beyond the Skies

Artist: Jarre, Kitaro, Klaus Schulze

P: 1998
Very good collection of the best electronic music tracks around the year 1998.

18,90 EUR
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V/A - Flights of Fantasy

Artist: V/A
P: 1995
This double CD features some of the best tracks with dreamy titles also out of the Pop-music scene. the second disc features an inspiring instrumental music by H.P. Neuber.

9,90 EUR
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V/A - Music for the Spirit

Artist: Kitaro, Luis Perez, u.a.
P: 1998
This compilation is from the artists of the DOMO label around 1998.

The first cut is typical "Space Music" from Kitaro, with lots of zingy synthesizer. It's pleasant, and has a sort of Japanese folk-tune undertone with generic World Music style drumming. Hard to describe, but very enjoyable to listen to.
The variations on the CD take you from Asia to Outer Space, but always pleasantly so. It's a nice mix.

14,90 EUR
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V/A - Planets of the Universe 2

Artist: Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Brainwork,
Roman, Venja, Ron Boots u.a.
P: 1996
This is a nice collection of new and old electronic music artists from the beginning of the 90s.
Just a good selection of all the CUE-Records titles of that time.

Here the last copy!

24,50 EUR
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Various Artists - The Spirit of Christmas

Artist: Various Artists
P: 1997

Different tracks by the artists around the Christmas-theme.

14,90 EUR
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