Huygen, Michel

The soloprojects of the spanish synthesizerplayer under his own name. Other releases can be found under Neuronium.
Huygen, Michel
Michel Huygen - Magic Samui

Artist: Michel Huygen
P: 2007
A compilation of the best romantic tracks by Michel Huygen / Neuronium, including a previously unreleased track.
The disk is dedicated in particular to Samui, an extremely beautiful and sensuous area in Thailand, a special retreat and source of inspiration for new musical creations… Presented in Digipack format. Includes a book with photographs of the island. A true paradise on Earth.
Recommended for: The traces are instrumental to stimulate the “skin deep” emotions. Romance, love, nostalgia, dreams, aesthetic sensitivity, gentleness.
32-bit digital mastering at Neuronium Studio, Barcelona, Spain
Music composed, arranged, produced and performed by Michel Huygen

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Michel Huygen - Sensorial

Artist: Michel Huygen
P: 2006
On the first track on cd 1, the first ten minutes consist of this magnificent sounding slice of full-flavor cosmic synth music complete with warm, rich, flowing chords, occasional heavenly choir and magical sounding space synths. Then, at the ten minute point, the synths suddenly start to take off and the mood lightens as a delicate and distinct melody line wafts away on top of the string synth rivers that flow underneath, the whole thing now blossoming out to reveal a most beautiful interior. Around fifteen minutes the heavenly choirs return "en masse" but just as soon disappear, as this time a deep bass synth and a cello-like lead weave strong webs of sound while space synths swoop and twitter in the background. The that mood lightens, the whole thing becomes sparser before clouds and clouds of new synth textures, layers and soundscapes billow up, then they too disappear to reveal a wholly more rhythmic passage of bouncing space synths and subtle melodies that lasts about three minutes then tones back down to an altogether starker setting with percussive synths boinging away in the background. Gathering more melodies together the whole atmosphere then rises up as layers of synths are added only to drop down and end the piece on a slice of cool cosmic space. The second track follows a similar musical path, with plenty of flowing electronics and synths to keep you happy while at the same time letting no mood or passage outstay its welcome as the composition twists, turns, flows and changes shape almost organically during its thirty-two minute running time, in parts almost like a cross between classic cosmic Neuronium and Tangerine Dream's 'Zeit'. The second cd is as classic a slice of cosmic space synth music as you're likely to hear, varied in texture, always changing shape, never standing still, melodic and rhythmic qualities implied rather than stated, plenty of layers that shift and drift, while always maintaining a structure at the heart of things, and creating passage that range from celestial to exotic, overall, a track that holds your attention for the full sixty-seven minutes, and works on several mood and atmospheric levels. When listening to CD2, it is important that you close your eyes, let yourself be carried away by the three dimensional sound of the ping-pong ball... Do not try to follow it with your ears but with your mind, let yourself be invaded and you will immediately start the musical journey of the senses through the Cosmos within you and forming part of you from your birth.... Have a pleasant flight through your senses and perceptions! When you “are flying” you will feel a lot better… Guaranteed!!
Recorded digital 24-bit at Studio Neuronium, Barcelona, Spain
Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Michel Huygen
Santi Pico - electric guitar on Senso

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.279 08/18
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 279

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V/A - KLEM 2 Electronische Muziek 1994

Artist: Peter Mergener, Michael Garrison, Klaus Schulze,
John Dyson, Steve Roach, John Kerr, Johannes Schmölling u.a.

P: 1994
LTD 1000
Released on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of KLEM. Most of new and unique tracks by the listed artists.
Limited edition of 1000 copies.

Here the last copy!

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V/A - Soundscape Gallery 2

Artist: AWM, Pearce, Huygen, Stearns, Grassow u.a.
P: 1998
This compilation contains new tracks by well known artists from the scene.

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V/A - Zukunftsmusik

Artist: Neuronium, Vagelis, Grosskopf, Leifeld u.a.
P: 1993
Collection of tracks from the 4U / CMS label. Tracks from releases that are already deleted.

Here the last copy!

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Various Artists - Dali: The Endless Enigma

Artist: Stearns, Huygen, Walter Holland,
Djam Karet, Loren Nerell, Klaus Schulze,
Bo Tomlyn, Steve Roach, Robert Rich

P: 1990
This is a truly great, moody, mixed up album. I bought it because I am a great fan of Steve Roach, who has the last tracks. All the other artists are great, each track a different aural interpretation of a different Dali painting. It's like looking at Dali through headphones. Try getting a book with images by Dali, and looking at the pictures while listening to the music composed for each one. Moody, creepy, raucaus, dreamy, eclectic...Dali.

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Various Artists - The Future Of Music... Now. Vol. 1

Artists: Various Artists
P: 2002
This is a compilation of the Neuronium label which features the best tracks of the listed artists.

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